Spotlight on Soller- All about the distance travel

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Spotlight on Soller: All about the distance travelled… - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Where have you been since the lockdown started 15 months ago? This was the conversation doing the rounds this weekend with surprising resultsNon-essential retailers. Everyone could count on their hands the number of places on the Island they had visited (except me). The majority had lived quietly at home and circulated within about 20 km of their front door. Children had been to school and attended sports clubs all within this perimeter.

Others had gone to Church or to the doctors within the same space. The discussion then led on to how many lives worldwide are led within 20 kmsThe U.S. rose faster. By early December. We do live on a small island, but even so, there were so many I spoke to who have not gone through the Soller Tunnel in 15 monthsThe impact we have o. Their world has become smaller and smaller.

Shopping online and using the internet to keep up to date meant that their habits and brains were in tact but not the distance they were prepared to travel for them. We are going to feel even more parochial this week as more visitors from other parts of Europe reach us. The world is on the move again and some of them are heading for the Soller Valley.

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