Technical requirements for the safety of one fire,

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"One ventilation and three prevention" safety technical requirements

1. Mine ventilation system

the mine now adopts central split extraction ventilation, main and auxiliary inclined shaft air intake, return air shaft air return, and two sets of FBCDZ № are installed Type 22 axial flow fan, supporting motor model YBF, power 2 132kw, two fans, one for use and one for standby, operates normally. At present, the total inlet air volume of the mine is 3937m3/min, the return air volume of the return shaft is 4066m3/min, the effective air volume rate is 88%, the mine ventilation resistance h resistance =1850pa, and the equal volume hole is 1.88m2. The reverse air method is to reverse the fan. The mine has perfect reverse air device and explosion-proof door. At present, the mine can reverse the air within 10min. Air demand of each working face: 498 m3/min for 21303 coal face, 510m3/min for 21106 coal face, and 300 m3/min for substation chamber. At present, there are 7 heading faces, and five heading faces adopt model FBD № 5.0 local ventilator, power 27.5kw, diameter 500mm air duct, model FBD № is adopted for two heading faces 5.5 local ventilator, with a power of 211kw and a diameter of 600mm, has a total air volume of about 1780m3/min, and the air supply volume of the mine can meet the production needs

2. Gas situation

according to the appraisal results of mine gas grade in 2009, the relative emission of mine gas is 4.33m3/t, and the absolute emission is 4.05m3/min, belonging to a low gas mine. There is no rock burst and high temperature underground

3. Mine monitoring system

a set of KJ4 safety monitoring system was installed in the mine in 2002. In 2005, the mine improved the monitoring system and installed a large screen system. The mine is equipped with safety monitoring system and large screen system, which was upgraded to kj209n system in 2007. The system is produced by Henan Branch of Beijing Xinyuan Jiuding Technology Co., Ltd. It adopts a single film optical cable transmission system. Images are collected underground with black-and-white low illumination, and transmitted remotely through an optical transmission machine. The hard disk video recorder is used for real-time video recording. The large screen descent casualty screen display system adopts DLP high pixel display, and the screen can be switched at will. The hard disk video is compressed in mpg4 format, and the operation is normal. Methane sensors are installed in each heading face and return air roadway, local fans and dampers are installed with switch sensors, wind speed sensors, air duct sensors, feed sensors, secondary platforms are installed with cameras, the tail of the main belt shaft and the chin hook of the track shaft are installed with a camera head respectively, the monitoring system has a standby host and UPS power supply, the monitoring center has special personnel on duty, and the monitoring system has recording, alarm, printing reports, data storage Playback and other functions; The monitoring system is connected with Yongjin company through optical fiber. The operation condition is good due to the conditions of the equipment itself

4. Use of self rescuers

the mine lighting room is responsible for the distribution of self rescuers to personnel entering the well and the daily maintenance and inspection of self rescuers. The body inspector shall strictly follow the body examination system, so that every person entering the well must wear a self rescuer, otherwise, it is strictly forbidden to enter the well. If it is a sample with an elongation of 1000%. The self rescuer distribution room is equipped with weighing instrument and air tightness detector. The weight, air tightness and shell of all self rescuers on the list are checked and checked every month. If unqualified, they will be scrapped. The self rescuers that exceed the service life will be treated in strict accordance with the scrapping system. Unqualified self rescuers are strictly prohibited from entering the well for use. A total of 1318 filtered self rescuers are used in the mine, and 800 people go down the mine every day. The existing self rescuers can meet the requirements. At the same time, the employees who go down the mine are required to carry self rescuers as required

5. Coal dust explosiveness and explosion index

according to the 2008 coal dust explosiveness appraisal report of Fushun Branch of Academy of Coal Sciences, the dry and non-basic ash content of coal dust is 17.26%. Explosion hazard

6. Spontaneous combustion tendency and natural ignition period of coal

according to the 2008 coal seam spontaneous combustion grade appraisal report of Fushun Branch of Academy of Coal Sciences, this coal seam has no spontaneous combustion tendency. In addition, there was no spontaneous combustion in our mine and the mine adjacent to the same coal seam when the phase cavity was extended to 4mm away from the square bottom of the drill cone

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