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Technical scheme of the new integrated motorcycle LB EFI system

the new integrated l-test geometric coaxiality value B EFI system, which is developed by lean burn Motorcycle Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., is about 200mm and 100mm away from the end face of the active chuck, has been officially launched. It is a major scientific and technological achievement independently completed by scientific researchers on the basis of long-term research and development of lean burn electronic control air replenishment products, fully absorbing the advanced experience of international and domestic EFI development, and proceeding from practice, practicality, and national conditions. This paper briefly introduces some technical difficulties, solutions and main functions encountered in the research and development of the system

1 problems faced by the research and development of motorcycle EFI system

due to factors such as structure and use, motorcycles have many special requirements for EFI system

a) high integration: due to the space limitation of the motorcycle itself, the entire EFI system cannot be too large, so from the technical route, it is not possible to simply transplant the vehicle EFI scheme

b) high safety: due to the relatively open structure of the motorcycle, and the EFI injection pressure must reach a certain value (up to 98n), this high-pressure injection system will not produce safety hazards under any circumstances

c) energy consumption should be small: the fuel injection process is a process that consumes a large amount of electric energy. Since most motorcycles do not generate a large amount of power at present, the electric energy consumption should be as small as possible on the premise of ensuring the working performance. In addition, large power consumption will bring burden to the line and lead to other potential safety hazards

d) single room structure: the large output of motorcycles in China leads to great technical inertia, that is, technical resistance. Therefore, in order to be recognized and accepted by enterprises, a new technology should be integrated without major structural adjustment

e) the price should be low: Although the production of motorcycles in China is high, it mainly depends on low prices to win. Under this condition, no matter how good the new technology and products are, if the price is too high, it is difficult to promote them

f) the maintenance cost should be low: from the perspective of motorcycle use, the rural market accounts for a large proportion. Restricted by rural conditions, buyers have low requirements for the technical level of the car, coupled with the poor operating environment, the quality of fuel is not guaranteed, and the nozzle is easy to be blocked, these have become important factors in the promotion of the restricted EFI technology. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the long service life of the product and even realize maintenance free

2 hardware solution of new motorcycle EFI system

by comparing and analyzing various EFI technologies of cars and motorcycles at home and abroad, combined with the technical advantages of our company, we finally adopted the technical route of electromagnetic fuel injection pump. The electromagnetic fuel injection pump technology is used to integrate the oil pressure and fuel injection process, avoiding the potential safety hazards of the high-pressure oil pipe in the traditional EFI system. Moreover, the structure is relatively small and the energy consumption is low. For example, the power consumption of the general EFI system tested in China in the past is about 40W, while the power consumption of the electromagnetic fuel injection method is only about 20W. The general EFI system and LB EFI system are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2

Figure 1 General EFI system

figure 2lb schematic diagram of EFI system

the key problem of electromagnetic fuel injection pump is to solve the fuel injection output power, high-frequency working response speed and service life of electromagnetic pump. Through the cooperation of software and hardware, the fuel supply frequency of the fuel injection pump can reach more than 300Hz, which is equivalent to meeting the fuel supply of the motorcycle with the speed of 18000r/min or 36000r/min (one pulse fuel injection or two pulse fuel injection); Due to the use of special materials and special processing technology, as well as the special patented structural design of the electromagnetic pump itself, the dynamic magnetic core, the core component of the electromagnetic pump, fully ensures that the service life exceeds the service life of the whole vehicle; Using the past supply channels, while ensuring the quality of products, we have achieved the lowest cost. The first batch of products will be supplied to the market at the price of 298 yuan per set (the price of motorcycle EFI system abroad is 1400-1800 yuan, and the price of this printer in China is 00-800 yuan, which is built by a company called electroimpact). The above measures ensure that the new EFI system has higher fuel injection output power without increasing power consumption. At present, the company not only provides EFI systems for models below 125ml and the power is transmitted through the piston itself, but also provides EFI systems for models requiring higher fuel injection output power, such as 150ml, 250ml, or even 750ml. In the future, it will also launch a new type of highly integrated EFI system suitable for micro cars

achieve low cost while maintaining high quality standards. After solving the technical bottleneck of independent production of oil pump nozzles, the self-cleaning function of the entire EFI system is realized, making the EFI system completely maintenance free. To this end, the company has offered a three-year quality assurance of 30000 kilometers to motorcycle enterprises and consumers

3 innovative breakthrough in software control of new motorcycle EFI system

the basic theory of EFI is to spray the corresponding amount of fuel under a certain amount of air intake, so as to achieve the best combustion control technology. However, due to the changes of external environment such as temperature, air pressure, voltage and humidity, production deviation and wear during the use of equipment, the operating conditions of vehicles will change. Therefore, sensors must be used to constantly feel these changes, so that the control system can constantly correct the control instructions. If the control is not good or the sensor is misjudged, it may also lead to the disorder of control instructions and affect the vehicle performance. Therefore, the company makes full use of advanced computer control technology and introduces intelligent control software with the following advantages

a) learning and memory function: Although the service conditions and conditions of the vehicle are ever-changing, it is relatively stable in a certain period of time. Therefore, the control software should learn and remember the vehicle condition in a very short time, so as to control the driving state quickly and stably without causing huge fluctuations; When the vehicle state changes dramatically, the software will automatically relearn and memorize

b) automatic error correction function: the controller is connected to the sensor, plus the connection of circuits, fuel injection pumps, etc. Although the most single room has been optimized in the design, it is not simple for most farmers and some maintenance personnel. The automatic error correction function is to ensure that the rider can automatically identify and correct the connection error when handling it by himself, so as to ensure the normal driving of the vehicle and avoid the damage of key components. For example, the temperature sensor of the engine is very important for the low-temperature start of the engine. When the automatic error correction function control software detects that the sensor is damaged, it will immediately start the analog sensor in the software to ensure the normal start of the vehicle. In addition, this function also brings convenience for users to choose. Customers can freely choose whether the original sensor needs to be installed. If it is optional, it can work according to the setting function; If it is not optional, if the original car is in good consistency with the normal standard, it can also work normally. For those enterprises with good product quality and production consistency, it can reduce the cost of sensors, especially the cost input of oxygen sensors. Figure 4 is the control logic diagram of LB EFI system

c) fuel saving function: the traditional EFI control technology realizes fuel saving and emission reduction by ensuring the best air-fuel ratio, but it often fails to achieve high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission during deceleration and acceleration, especially in the acceleration stage. The EFI system produced by our company has made a bold breakthrough in fuel saving control technology, achieving the best control of fuel consumption in each working state, especially in the deceleration fuel saving control, which can realize the automatic fuel stop in each deceleration intention, which not only achieves the maximum fuel saving effect, but also reduces the emission to the lowest level. Compared with the carburetor, the theoretical fuel saving effect is more than 30%

d) intelligent speed limit function: at present, the speed limit of carburetor vehicles is achieved by limiting the maximum fuel supply, cutting off the ignition signal or changing the speed ratio. Therefore, the vehicle performance will be affected. The speed at the critical point of speed limit is unstable and the emission is extremely bad; The traditional EFI control system limits the maximum speed only by stopping the fuel supply, and the vehicle instability at the critical point will also occur

the intelligent speed limit technology can be set arbitrarily in advance according to the user's needs, and there will be no problems of instability or power reduction at the critical point during driving. For example, under the standard state, set a certain speed required by the car, no matter one, two or three people ride, and under the condition that the original vehicle power meets, the maximum speed can reach the set value and will not exceed the set value

e) user adjustable function: in order to ensure that the product can meet the requirements of different regions and environments and meet the needs of different riders, the core controller for controlling EFI combustion is the key. The new EFI system has specially designed 16 (or even 32) self-regulation states for users. Users can adjust themselves according to different wishes under various environments/scenarios such as plateau, cold, wet, used car, acceleration, overspeed, fuel saving, emission, etc. according to their hobbies, so as to achieve the optimal vehicle condition, which greatly facilitates the end users and makes the application scope of products broader. At present, it has reached US $30 million. Through the long-term hard work of scientific researchers, although the high-tech new integrated LB EFI technology products that meet the requirements of motorcycle energy conservation and environmental protection have been launched to the market, in the future, the company will continue to increase capital investment, further improve and perfect the products, and realize the application in miniature energy-saving vehicles, so as to better and more fully meet the market demand. (end)

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