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Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance

today I want to introduce Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Innovation is the soul. Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance [Changzhou Lingke] is mainly engaged in servo Siemens human-machine interface maintenance, and Wuxi KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Innovation is the soul

Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ There are many examples of converter damage caused by power line connection. Replace all DC electrolytic capacitors every eight years or so. Install the incoming contactor (controlled by the frequency converter relay) to cut off the current input immediately after the fault, so as to avoid expansion. Passive measures: install a fast fuse with appropriate capacity (printed with diode logo) at the incoming line. Under normal conditions, the frequency converter manufacturer will give the specific model of the fast melting configured by the frequency converter. However, imported brands generally give models that exceed the customized formula of customers, which are also the fast melting of imported brands. It is not easy to get in China. Below I give a simple method: assuming that it is not a heavy load start, you can generally choose fast melting according to the rated current of the frequency converter

the company has complete testing and maintenance equipment, fast maintenance efficiency, long warranty cycle, appropriate price, sufficient accessories, and continuously innovative speed regulation range: 0.01 (5) 00mm/min control technology, high-quality maintenance service and deeply integrated maintenance management plan to provide customers with continuous maintenance service guarantee., [or speed up too frequently and for too long to review the specifications of the driver. Terminals T1 and T2 are not allocated. Connect PTC or thermostat or turn off monitoring (c0585=3) Ou overvoltage and excessive braking energy (DC bus voltage is greater than the value set ander road rc0173) use the braking unit or braking power module and module or feedback module per program obstacle defect detection program to send data to the controller (floppy disk) Lenz PI overvoltage guard detects that the driver parameter set is incompatible. When setting the triple array pr0pr1pr2pr3pr4 parameter correctly, set the error barrier. Import pump valve industrial washing machine III. control loop difference clarifies: the service life of the control loop utility frequency converter is the power supply part, which is the smoothing capacitor and the buffer capacitor in the IPM circuit board. Its principle is similar to the above, but the pulsating current passing through the capacitor here is a fixed value that is not affected by the burden effect of the main circuit, so its service life is mainly determined by the temperature and power on time., Since the capacitors are welded on the circuit board, it is difficult to determine the deterioration situation by measuring the electrostatic capacity. Generally, whether the service life of the capacitor can be close to its ambient temperature and service time is calculated

Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Innovation is the soul 1) the reference quantity control signal wire should use double stranded shielded wire, and the wire specification is 0.75mm2. Be careful when wiring. The cable stripping should be as short as possible (about mm). At the same time, the shielding layer in the future of stripping should be wrapped with insulating tape in your mind, in case of interference caused by the contact between the shielding wire and other equipment. 2) In order to improve the simplicity and practicality of wiring, explain the use of crimp bar terminals for signals. Self diagnosis and prevention of the loopholes of the frequency converter itself. 1. Self diagnosis and prevention of the loopholes of the frequency converter itself: the old transistor frequency converter mainly has the following declining trends: easy to trip, not easy to restart, and low overload capacity

Suqian KUKA robot touch screen maintenance_ Innovation is the soul. You can imagine that such a large amount of energy (cooking, refrigeration, etc.) consumed in a year flows into the frequency converter in an instant. It's no wonder. At the same time, it may also cause electric undervoltage and the upper switch action. How to avoid this? There are also active measures and passive measures. Active measures: ensure that the electrical room is constant temperature, humidity and dust-free (in short, it is the same as the home environment, that is, to reach the office environment of public servants with real power and above the section level in developed cities in China); Clean the dust inside the frequency converter as scheduled, and disassemble it for cleaning and reassembly if necessary. Tighten the power control cable on time (be sure to appoint a purposeful, slow Comrade Liu Hao, director of the auxiliary heating and cooling Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association) unless it contains the screws of the anti fading pad, it will not get tighter and tighter over time

the above is the touch screen maintenance of Suqian KUKA robot introduced to you today_ Innovation is the soul. If you want to have an in-depth understanding, please continue to pay attention to this site

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