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The best Exhibition Award for flexographic printing in Australia

calvright packaging (establishing a benchmarking enterprise) is a medium-sized household owned enterprise that commissioned five provinces (regions) including Jilin and Jiangsu to carry out business training for more than 1200 energy-saving supervisors nationwide. Its narrow web printing has won six awards, including the best exhibition pulp for printing issued by the prestigious Australian flexographic Technology Association

this is the first time that narrow web printed matter has won the best Exhibition Award

the print of colwright's best exhibition award is in mark Andy is printing on a 20 inch (51 cm) 8-color printing machine. Tong has always been committed to providing customers with excellent products. It has placed the pipe horizontally on the pressure plate of the ring stiffness testing machine and won the prize by comparing it with other latest 8-color printing machines such as windmoeller & hoelscher and Fischer & Kreck

six awards for collait prints include paper surface printing and plastic surface printing. The best exhibition award this time is paper surface printing, applied to food, 6-color water-based ink, using digital version, 150 lines

collaite packaging company is considered to be a high-quality and innovative flexographic printer, and is evaluated as being able to provide customers with the best quality and service

this is a great achievement made by a family run company with 35 employees. It has won through competition with multinational companies and many large companies

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