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A project of Fangyuan support won the third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and technology award

a project of Fangyuan support won the third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and technology award

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they have made great contributions to the cost control, weight reduction and comfort improvement of automotive products. On July 23, the Anhui Provincial Department of science and technology released the announcement of the results of the comprehensive evaluation of the industry (discipline) of the 2015 Anhui Provincial Science and technology award. The "R & D and industrialization of special-shaped slewing ring" project of Fangyuan bearing company won the third prize of Anhui Provincial Science and Technology Award in 2015

this project is independently developed by our company, and the main research contents include: for special working conditions, carry out the product design of special-shaped structure slewing ring, solve the problem that it is impossible to install or inconvenient to install ordinary slewing ring products under special working conditions or specific host structure, and realize the functions that the two parts can not only operate relatively smoothly, but also bear axial force, radial force and overturning torque at the same time; The new heat treatment processing technology is adopted to effectively reduce the probability of cracks and deformation caused by heat treatment in the special-shaped slewing bearing raceway, optimize the technical parameters such as the depth and hardness of the hardening layer of the product raceway, and greatly improve the contact bearing capacity and service life of the product; Through the research and development of food grade sealing materials, the sealing performance of special-shaped slewing bearing under special working conditions is guaranteed. It has laid a solid foundation for environmental protection, product quality assurance and other issues, and has met the special technical requirements of customers; A nondestructive testing scheme for the quenching depth of the slewing ring raceway is studied and proposed, which realizes the nondestructive testing of the quenching depth of the product raceway, reduces the product testing cost and quality cost, saves resources, and realizes the goal of creating value for customers; The technology integration is carried out from the aspects of the improvement of processing technology and methods, and the new processing equipment of slewing ring with completely independent intellectual property rights is developed, which effectively improves the domestic level of slewing ring processing technology of special-shaped mechanisms

the reliability and life meter of the slewing ring developed by the project has independent intellectual property rights according to the calculation method of the size of the steel strand and the new process and detection device. 7 invention patents have been applied for, 3 have been authorized, and 10 utility model patents have been authorized; One national standard and four enterprise standards were formulated. The plane split slewing ring and double L-shaped slewing ring for heavy-duty trailer developed by the project need to pay a "packaging waste management assistance fund" and other products can meet the requirements of customers in terms of bearing capacity, service life, rotation accuracy, sealing, easy installation, etc., breaking the foreign technical blockade. It plays an important role in expanding the application scope of slewing ring products, promoting the technological progress of China's slewing ring industry, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises in the international market

at present, the company has successfully achieved the industrialization of special-shaped structure slewing ring products, and its industrial development. The developed plane split slewing ring, double L-shaped slewing ring for heavy-duty trailer, ball column double slewing double drive slewing ring and other products have achieved a cumulative product sales revenue of 67 million yuan

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