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Investigate and analyze the focus of the future development of the digital printing industry

digital printing and printing digitalization project aims to realize and industrialize the world's most advanced inkjet digital printing technology, and at the same time, carry out digital technology transformation of the traditional printing industry, so as to speed up the pace of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China's printing industry. Among them, inkjet digital printing equipment, due to its advantages of industrialized high production efficiency, wide media adaptability and wide format support, has a promising development prospect in the industry. It has become the main instrument dealer and manufacturer of digital printing and printing digital engineering, and it is also increasing year by year. It should focus on it

the importance of digital printing's own development

compared with traditional offset printing, we can see the current development focus of digital printing, first of all, to catch up with and surpass the printing speed of high-end offset printing. At present, the speed of sheet fed offset printing machine has developed to 15000 ~ 18000 sheets/hour, and the speed of web offset printing machine insoluble in water and lye has reached 70000 copies/hour. At the Guangzhou printing exhibition in April, the precision of Kodak prosper5000xl 200m/min and 3600 A4 format prints can meet the requirements, and the printing speed and the capacity of outputting 120million A4 format prints per month have attracted the attention of the industry

the adaptability of digital printing to ordinary paper and reaching industrial standards, while BYD, catl, Waterma and GuoXuan high tech rank among the top four stability in China, which are the trends that digital printing needs to break through and improve

from the perspective of customers, the current digital printing machine receives the most attention in terms of printing quality, stability, operating cost, speed and application range. However, with the development of digital technology, the gap between digital printing and traditional offset printing in quality, cost, application scope and speed will gradually narrow, followed by the change of customer concerns. Customers will give more consideration to auxiliary value-added projects such as modularization, industrialization, services and application software of digital technology

it can be said to be the golden age of the development of digital printing, and digital printing technology is developing and improving at a high speed. Its popularity can be seen from the analysis of the following two points:

first, it is estimated that the annual installed capacity of global digital printing equipment will be more than 10000 in 2009, and will develop steadily with an annual installed capacity of more than 10% in the next five years. The annual installed capacity of China was less than 1000 in 2009, but in the next decade, the growth rate of the installed capacity of digital printing equipment in the Chinese market will exceed 20%, accounting for more than 30% of the global market. This set of analysis data comes from the speech of Founder group, a domestic digital printing technology leader, at the second international printing technology development forum held not long ago

second, the development of digital printing is inseparable from digital printing equipment manufacturers. In recent years, a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad have begun to participate in the digital printing equipment industry, such as HP, Kodak, founder, etc. These enterprises have a striking similarity, that is, they have a strong IT technology background and marketing experience. These resumes, which are different from those of traditional printing equipment manufacturers, will certainly bring new vitality to the printing industry and make the development of printing and electronic information closely combined for common development

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