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Shunyuan new inverter interference signal processing isolation amplifier

Shunyuan ISO series anti EMC analog signal isolation amplifier is a hybrid IC that isolates and amplifies input signals and converts them into proportional output DC signals. The input signal interference suppression filter circuit and output interference absorption circuit inside the IC have strong anti EMC electromagnetic interference and high-frequency signal spatial interference functions. It is especially suitable for occasions with frequency conversion control equipment, high-power electromagnetic starting and GPS high-frequency signal wireless transceiver. Cloth products with large hardness indentation are widely used in electric power, remote monitoring, instrumentation, medical equipment, industrial automatic control and other industries that need electrical isolation and measurement. The IC integrates a magnetoelectric coupling dc/dc conversion power supply and an isolation amplifier for analog signal output on the same chip. Wide creepage distance at input and output sides and internal isolation measures enable the chip to realize signal input/output/auxiliary power supply, 3KVDC three isolation. Sunyuan ISO series products are very convenient to use. With only a few external components, it can realize long-term signal transmission without distortion

★ accuracy level: 0.1, 0 Engel provided NCC with a duo1700 large-scale injection molding machine of level 2 and 0.5

★ . 5v/v/v/v and other standard voltage signals. Input standard current signals such as ma/ma/ma/ma and output standard isolation signals

output voltage signal: v/v/v; Output current signal: ma/ma/m adapts to new normal a and has high load carrying capacity

★ extremely high linearity (nonlinearity 0.2%)

product features:

● strong anti EMC electromagnetic interference and high-frequency signal spatial interference characteristics

● low cost, small volume, sip12pin meets UL94V-0 standard flame retardant package

● zero point and gain can be adjusted only by external potentiometer

● power supply and signal: input/output 3000vdc three isolation

● auxiliary power supply: 5VDC, 12VDC, 15Vdc, 24VDC and other single power supply

● mv/Isolation, amplification and conversion between 5v/v/v equal voltage signals and ma/ma/ma/ma equal current signals

● industrial temperature range: -45~+85 ℃

typical applications:

● isolation, conversion and amplification of DC current/voltage signals

● industrial field signal isolation and long-distance transmission

● analog signal ground wire interference suppression and data isolation Acquisition

● instrumentation and sensor signal receiving and sending

● non electric signal transmission

● signal remote undistorted transmission

● power monitoring, medical equipment isolation safety barrier

● sensor Ma and other analog signals one in two out, two in two out isolation signal function realization

detailed technical data:

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