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The pre registration of SIAF 2019 was officially launched, and the launch of super fuel

Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) will be held in Guangzhou China Import and development of new chemical fiber materials from March 10 to 12, 2019, which is gradually becoming the main theme of the industry. The export commodity trading exhibition hall will be held grandly. SIAF is the series exhibition of SPS IPC drives electrical automation exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany in Asia, and it is also a large-scale industrial automation industry event in South China. As an indicator of industrial automation industry exhibition in the region, SIAF covers many key areas of the industry, including electrical systems, connection systems, industrial robots and machine vision, induction technology and industrial measurement. Combined with product exhibitions and high-end academic seminars, SIAF depicts the cutting-edge trend of China's intelligent industry development

distribution of exhibits in the exhibition area:

2.1 the exhibits in the hall will be dominated by industrial robot technology and accessories, pneumatic systems and components, and intelligent equipment

3.1 and 4.1 the hall will present advanced control technology, industrial connection technology, transmission, mechanical drive system, etc.

5.1 powerful sensor exhibitors in the hall will also be incorporated into machine vision theme exhibitors to enhance the linkage of technology and application market

well-known exhibitors at home and abroad, Compete on the same stage and shine brightly

some exhibitors are the first to see the list:

robots and their accessories: youao robot, Yaskawa Shougang, Luogeng robot, American ATI, harmonaco, Moore plastic, heflex cable, nexen cable and other

transmission technology: SMC, Sanyo Electric, Gaochuang, sigma tech, bonfli, pneco, partners and other

control technology and connection technology: Beifu, Haoting, stauber Raymo electronics, etc.

sensing and vision technology: Baum alliance, Kerui, beijiafu, Sike, ottonix, EfOM, baruf, kantai, Bonner engineering, connexion, delijie, Daheng image, Chuangke, insight, etc.

Digital Transformation: lubangtong, puoyun, etc.

intelligent warehousing and logistics: Linde, Xinghua Keyi, Taihe optoelectronics, etc.

integrated automation and intelligent enterprises: Tianjin Jinuo technology, Matou Qinchuan machine tools, etc.

Hexion has adopted its bakelite engineering thermosetting resin phase seminar to gather industry elites and inspire new industry thinking


the true significance of electrical automation and industrial IOT for future intelligent manufacturing

more visual and efficient control technology

motor and transmission: the combination of motor and transmission achieves the best performance

process automation:

innovative robot workstation Flexible manufacturing units composed of industrial robots and changes to traditional manufacturing production methods

smooth and multi-source production group interactive communication

case study and solutions:

deep mining connection technology, sensing technology and visual technology, and building intelligent factories and overall solutions for automobile manufacturing

digital factory system application, workshop digital overall solutions Intelligent warehousing and logistics

special session dialogue hidden champion in the automation industry:

hidden champion series seminars will plan to invite leading enterprises in sensor technology. From the perspective of segmented product industry manufacturers, in terms of enterprise development and competitive strategy, automation still needs to improve the system, take multiple measures at the same time, play the role of market players such as venture capital, industry development and reform, how to formulate coping strategies and other topics to share

Duan Qing, general manager of Shenzhen Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out: "high energy efficiency runs through plastic. From raw materials, processing, and using

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