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iso series isolation amplifier is a hybrid integrated circuit (IC) that isolates and converts analog signals by comparison. It is divided into active (including auxiliary power) type and passive type

the passive IC contains current signal modulation and demodulation circuit, signal coupling isolation and transformation circuit, etc. with a small input equivalent resistance, the input voltage of the IC reaches an ultra wide range (7.5-32v), so as to meet the needs of users to realize long-distance and non false signal transmission without external power supply. The internal ceramic substrate, printing resistance process and new technical isolation measures make the device meet the requirements of 3kVac insulation voltage and industrial wide temperature, humidity and vibration on-site harsh environment. Isoma series products are very convenient to use, and can realize ma current loop isolation or signal one in two out, two in two out and other transformation functions without any external components

active IC is a hybrid integrated circuit that integrates a highly isolated dc/dc power supply and a high-performance linear optocoupler on the same chip. In addition to supplying power to the internal amplification circuit, the chip can also provide two groups of isolated positive and negative DC power supplies and two groups of 5VDC stabilized voltage reference sources to the outside (signal input and output terminals) for the expansion of external circuits, such as bridge circuits, small signal preamplifier circuits and other user-specific circuits. This series of products has a wide signal bandwidth of 20kHz, which can isolate, condition and transform 0~ ± 10VDC bidirectional DC signals or 0~5vac AC signals. The IC is small in size and easy to use. It can realize the isolation and transformation of analog signals (i/i I/V/I V/V) with only a few external components

the main applications increased by 15.6% year-on-year: analog signal data acquisition, isolation and transmission. 1. Often keep the ring stiffness experimental machine equipment and computer clean, sanitary transmission and power supply, industrial field signal isolation transmission and transformation, ground wire interference suppression, remote signal distortion free transmission, instrument and sensor signal isolation and transformation. Safety barriers for power equipment and medical instruments

detailed technical data

product system:

ISO Ma series - two-wire passive Ma signal isolation conditioning IC

ISO ax PX ox series - DC current signal (i/v i/i) isolation amplifier IC

ISO UX PX ox series - DC voltage signal (v/i v/v) isolation amplifier IC

iso1001/1002 series - DC bidirectional or AC signal isolation amplifier IC

Product characteristics:

accuracy level: 0.1, 0.2, 0 level 1.5

extremely high linearity (nonlinearity 0.2%) in the full range

national standard signal: ma/ma/ma/v/v/0- ± 5v/v input/output. Low input impedance and high output load capacity

3KV three isolation between signal input/output/auxiliary power supply

single power supply, which can provide isolated power supply for users at the signal input or output end

low cost, small volume, wedging effect of standard single row sip12 and double row dip2) fulcrum: 24 pin IC packaging when the beam is under load

industrial grade operating temperature range, vacuum potting of flame retardant materials that meet UL-94 standards

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