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SF fengxiu and Stanley create new after-sales hardware tools

recently, SF fengxiu technology, its after-sales supply chain service brand (hereinafter referred to as "SF fengxiu"), has reached a cooperation with Stanley, a 100 year old craftsman level power tool brand from the United States. As a professional third-party service provider, We will provide a series of hardware tool products under Stanley, such as sending and repairing. In addition to giving people a sense of openness in terms of third-party services, administrative entrustment, and administrative approval intermediary services that increase the burden of enterprises, it is more important to provide solid and safe after-sales services, and work together to create a full process, one-stop after-sales solution for tools and equipment with "high-quality products + quality services"

SF fengxiu x Stanley opens a new experience of quality service

with the gradual development of science and technology, people are increasingly inseparable from all kinds of manual and electric tools, such as all kinds of machinery in factories, urban infrastructure, various daily facilities of companies and families. Suitable tools greatly improve production efficiency and make daily life more convenient. As a brand with more than 170 years of history, Stanley has continuously launched high-quality tool products, which has developed into a synonym with high trust and high value, and has become the top hardware tool manufacturer in the world

in the past decade or more, "service" has been at the back end of sales. However, in today's era of rapid social development and increasingly developed spiritual enjoyment, out of the profound discussion of the new value of service, both brands, retailers, agents and service providers are gradually changing their original working methods. Paying attention to high-end experience, service methods and service details has increasingly become the key to enterprise development. Reliable and excellent product quality + multifaceted and efficient after-sales service has become a major feature of Stanley. Among them, efficient and professional after-sales service is inseparable from the support of the professional third-party service provider SF fengxiu

according to the relevant person in charge, SF fengxiu will build an unprecedented after-sales service for Stanley with its professional delivery ability and nationwide service network. In terms of service quality, SF fengxiu has built seven high-level maintenance centers in SF core logistics, with a team of more than 1000 professional maintenance and testing engineers. The B2C full self-supporting mode effectively improves the service quality; In terms of service timeliness, relying on SF to count the flow points of all things, it covers 2500 + cities across the country, and can realize the "24-hour in the same city, 48 hours in the same province" repair service; In terms of technology deepening, fengxiu has built its own quality research laboratory & Innovation Incubation laboratory, which closely follows the after-sales demand of manufacturers' product upgrading, thus building a competitive barrier to serve the race track

Shun Feng Feng Xiu: deeply cultivate the after-sales service of smart home

with the intensification of market competition and the continuous improvement of product quality and technical performance, consumers have higher and higher demand for the quality of after-sales service and more and more requirements for service types. In particular, the application of 5g, AI and IOT has led to the rise of smart hardware and smart home products. Whether applied in high-end villas, hotels or family life, consumers hope that smart home can not only bring comfortable and convenient smart life experience, but also have professional after-sales and maintenance services like cars and home appliances

in terms of future development, SF & Fung has accelerated the service transformation. Its services are not limited to 3C, but include a full range of after-sales supply chain lines with a full cycle, including smart hardware, smart home, environmental health, installation services, etc., and is further establishing a production plant industry solution in its Krefeld Uerdingen factory. High end differentiated service is a powerful measure to empower products and improve reputation, and effectively solve the after-sales service system. This height is inseparable from the improvement of the service system behind it, especially today when quality service is rapidly improved

as a service-oriented enterprise, SF fengxiu proactively grasps the needs of the times, relies on the advantages of SF's nationwide warehousing, distribution network and reverse logistics, extends reverse logistics (after-sales) on the basis of forward logistics (pre-sales and in-sales), and explores and improves the value of the whole supply chain. With two service networks of "door-to-door repair + mail repair", SF fengxiu has built a one-stop after-sales service mode that is more suitable for enterprise customers and consumers, and created an ultimate and high-quality after-sales service experience with the core advantages of two-way logistics system, whole process visualization and service standardization under the background of consumers' increasing requirements for after-sales service

after sales service is a relatively complex process. SF fengxiu classifies it into two core elements "quality + professionalism". The former needs to be guaranteed by careful process and perfect training, while the latter needs the subtle influence of service personnel, which is destined to expand the inner pay of foam granulator. In this way, it will naturally gain the "trust" of customers. Looking ahead, Stanley and SF fengxiu will provide more professional and high-quality products and services for common customers with high-quality products and services

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