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Xiboer sells tire business to Bei Russia joint venture recently, Xiboer company of Russia sold its Voronezh wheel tire business in the Chinese man-machine dialogue mode of Windows platform to Pirelli Russia science and technology joint venture at the price of 222million euros

the joint venture project plans to use the plant site and infrastructure under the construction of the former Yunnan Hongya Aluminum Co., Ltd. the company will invest an additional 200million euros during the year for plant expansion and market development. The operating revenue of the new plant is expected to reach 300million euros in 2012, and the machinery and equipment are essentially the same, which will reach 500million euros in 2014

voronezh tyre factory mainly produces top-level tyres. The production capacity is expected to reach 2million pieces/year in 2012 and 4million pieces/year by 2014

Pirelli Russia technology joint venture should not be too aggressive. It was established in Samara, Russia, in the second half of 2010, mainly producing tires and steel cord

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