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Shunhao Co., Ltd.: the company will focus on the main business of special environmental protection paper and printing, and actively expand the packaging business of consumer goods. Release date: Source: Panorama

Guo Zhu, director and President of the company, said that the company comprehensively analyzed the macroeconomic operation and industry development trends, maintained the stable operation of the main business of new environmental protection packaging materials, and focused on promoting the layout of industrial cannabis business in the biological health industry, Promote the application scenarios of industrial cannabis products and the expansion of overseas channels of the new tobacco industry. The company will focus on the main business of special environmental protection paper and printing, actively expand the packaging business of clip consumer goods that must use special materials, increase technology research and development investment and application innovation ability, and further expand the market expansion of the company in the food, FMCG and other social consumer goods industries

seize the development opportunities of new-type tobacco, expand international market business, independently develop new-type tobacco and products, and expand foreign channels. Continue to promote the production and operation of factories in Cambodia, develop the markets in South Korea, India, Russia and Europe, and seek cooperation opportunities with important customers such as China tobacco. The new material industry is developing rapidly, accelerating the construction of product lines in Yunnan and Heilongjiang, enriching terminal application scenarios, and promoting the introduction of industrial marijuana derivatives such as antibacterial, cleansing, beauty care, etc. to the market. The advantages of the overseas markets of the United States and Australia are linked, and efforts are made through multiple channels. Consolidate the development foundation of the investment scope of organic agriculture, and continue to promote the development of organic agriculture businesses such as functional bio organic fertilizers. The management of the company will strive to achieve business objectives and enhance the value of the company according to the company's strategy and development plan

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