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SIAF Guangzhou industrial automation exhibition is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The number of visitors has soared, breaking previous records. The 10th anniversary of SIAF Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and Equipment Exhibition (SIAF) has been successfully concluded in the exhibition hall of Guangzhou China Import and Export Commodities Fair this week. The number of exhibitors and visitors reached a new high, among which the number of visitors increased by 37%, and a total of 98776 visitors entered the venue. The results are encouraging

2019 SIAF exhibition has entered the milestone of the 10th anniversary, and once again won wide recognition in the industry. As always, this exhibition was held at the same time as asiamold Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition and closed smoothly on March 12, bringing one-stop procurement opportunities for the industrial automation industry, mold and additive manufacturing in South China. During the three-day exhibition, SIAF and asiamold received a total of 988 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions (2018 figure: 896 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions). In addition, the two exhibitions attracted 98776 professional buyers from 45 countries and regions, including 252 buyer groups, a significant increase of 37% over the same period last year, with remarkable achievements. A number of bright data once again cite the leading position of the exhibition in the industry, which shows that the two exhibitions have become an important business platform in the industry to help the industry bloom business opportunities

this SIAF exhibition once again won the unanimous trust of the industry and brought many ingenious top technological achievements in the automation industry, which were brilliant. As colleagues in the industry pay more and more attention to the interconnection of machines on the production line through industrial communication software, so as to reduce the burden of human resources and human errors, the 2019 exhibition also responded to the voice of the industry, and launched a new exhibition theme industrial interconnection for the first time, showing a series of system solutions, covering industrial software, industrial communication, industrial cloud platform, advanced security technology and other fields, Assist manufacturing enterprises to realize seamless transmission and information synchronization of multiple components in the production workshop. The excellent procurement opportunities and a wide range of products have made the professional audience come back with a full load, which is not worth the trip

in addition to the amazing product display, SIAF exhibition also presented a number of high-quality discussion forums, and invited a number of authoritative Chinese and foreign industry experts to give lectures to help promote the exchange of market information and explore the direction of future industry development. One of the focus discussion links, including the 5-zero production theory insight into future production, which was delivered by the Japanese electrical control equipment industry association (NECA). This topic revealed the practical way of intelligent production by sharing specific application technologies and steps, and won praise from the audience on site

siaf 2019 and asiamold 2019 exhibition data list

exhibitors: 988 (2018: 896) increased by 10.3%

visitors: 98776 (2018: 72068) increased by 37.1%

exhibition area: 62000 square meters (2018: 60000 square meters) increased by 3.3%

252 buyer groups (2018: 231) increased by 9.1%

exhibitors' feedback:

SIAF is the most influential in South China, so the test piece after tightening showed one of the industry events with drum shaped sound force, Beifu has also participated in the exhibition for ten years, which can be said to grow together with the exhibition. This provides us with opportunities to promote brand image, improve exposure and find new potential customers. As SIAF is the first large-scale exhibition in the industry after the lunar new year, a large number of peers will come to understand the latest development of the industry, which is very suitable for enterprises to show the latest products and technologies to target customers

Mr. Zhao Gang (Germany), manager of the automotive industry of German Beifu Automation Co., Ltd.

our company has always been the backbone exhibitor of SIAF exhibition. For many years, we have been full of confidence in the market promotion of SIAF, and set the exhibition as an investment attraction platform that can not only show the absence of the value of the function of the experimental machine every year. The audience flow of this year's exhibition is as enthusiastic as ever. We have collected more than 300 customer business cards, many of which are new colleagues in the industry; In addition, in terms of regular customers, we can also let them know the latest products of the company this year through this platform that makes it easier to operate. I think the audience flow has increased significantly this year and will definitely continue to participate next year

Guangzhou Sike sensor Co., Ltd., marketing department, Miss Zhao Baoyan (Germany)

audience feedback:

our company is an electronic product manufacturer. I visited this exhibition for the first time, hoping to find robots and micron integrators. Although I arrived soon, I have found several suppliers with opportunities to cooperate. There are exhibitors from different fields at SIAF exhibition, which is convenient for buyers to compare. There are also many eye-catching new technologies here, which are well worth visiting. The technology of the Chinese market is changing with each passing day, and the products are constantly innovating. At this time, the development of this industry will touch on the main design parameters such as material shrinkage. The prospect is very optimistic

idemia, operation performance planning specialist, Mr. Dominick Ouellet (France)

this is my first time to visit SIAF exhibition. Our company is engaged in the production of hardware and magnetic materials. Due to the expansion of the company's scale, in order to develop new automatic production lines, I need to find suitable sensing technology to improve production capacity. In the past two days, I have visited more than ten sensor exhibitors, several of which are of great interest to me, including well-known foreign brands such as baruff and beijiafu, as well as domestic manufacturers displaying high-quality products. Through the exhibition, I can directly communicate with their technical personnel and tell them the needs of our company. On the whole, the technology brought by the exhibitors is new and advanced. I have targeted several manufacturers. After in-depth research, I believe we will succeed in purchasing

Mr. Zhao Qi (China), technical consultant of Ningbo Jinlun magnetic material technology Co., Ltd.

speaker feedback:

I am glad to be here today to bring you 5-zero production theory insight into future production issues. The Japan electrical control equipment industry association is the only organization in Japan to promote the 5-zero production theory. This seminar provides a good opportunity for us to introduce this concept to China. Today, we explain how to help the manufacturing industry increase profits to improve production efficiency through five levels. At the end of the seminar, the audience raised thought-provoking questions. It can be seen that they are very interested in the application of this concept, and we are very satisfied with the results of the seminar

Japan Electrical Control Equipment Industry Association, manufacturing industry and creation Committee, Mr. yeshanyangyi

seminar audience feedback:

the academic community of the automation industry is very close to the industry. As a lecturer, I need to often understand the latest scientific research achievements of the industry. Topics of particular interest to me this year include the erection of industrial interconnection, related technologies, wireless transmission terminals and servers. These new technologies were covered in the seminar. I think the industry knowledge shared by the guests is very practical and broadened my horizons. In the future, I will consider organizing a group to lead students to listen to the speech, stimulate their thinking, and let them contact the situation of the industry as soon as possible

Mr. Chen Junjian, engineer of the mechanical engineering experiment center, Guangzhou College of South China University of technology

siaf Guangzhou international industrial automation technology and equipment exhibition is jointly organized by Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation, Guangzhou Fuyang Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Germany messeco Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., and is jointly organized by Guangdong automation society Guangzhou automation society and Guangzhou instrumentation society are honorary sponsors, and China Light Industry Machinery Association is the supporting unit

in addition, the SIAF exhibition will be held at the same time as the Guangzhou International Mold Exhibition asiamold. The former provides industrial automation solutions, while the latter focuses on mold production and additive manufacturing industry. The two exhibitions jointly lead the development of the industrial chain from intelligent manufacturing solutions, industrial automation and intelligent production to mold and additive manufacturing. With the synergy of similar markets, they provide a one-stop display and procurement platform for exhibitors and visitors, and bring greater business opportunities

the next exhibition will be held again from February 26 to 28, 2020. For more information about the exhibition, please browse or http//email to sps@

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