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Shunde paint is expected to become the new force of water-based wood paint

Shunde paint is expected to become the new force of water-based wood paint

June 19, 2007

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three years ago, when it came to water-based wood paint, many people can think of twoorthree brands, such as Dufang and Shuiqing lacquer treasure. At that time, it seemed that water-based wood paint was about to come. From 2003 to 2005, the water-based wood paint market was a little calm, but since the introduction of water-based wood paint by garberry in 2004 and its frequent appearances in the media in 2005, Korean 777, huimeijia, Tianjin green house, Sheehan, David, apple and other water-based wood paint brands in Chengdu market have successively appeared, and have launched water-based wood paint products with different names, gimmicks, image differences and exquisite packaging, It gives people a feeling of "messy flowers are gradually becoming charming". The intervention of international brands such as Laiwei, Fenlin and master and domestic scale coating enterprises such as garberry, Bauhinia, Hualong and Metohija, especially the first tier brands of Nippon, ICI and China Resources, seems to have given a shot in the arm to the water-based wood paint market, which has been silent for more than two years, and once again attracted great attention of people in the industry to water-based wood paint, It also aroused the interest of almost all coating enterprises in waterborne wood paint

waterborne wood paint is the development direction of the future wood paint market, and it is also a main reason why more and more coating enterprises, including manufacturers of the above scale, are rushing to intervene in the field of waterborne wood paint. With the stability of the process and performance of water-based wood paint, and the continuous increase of manufacturers who have developed and sold water-based wood paint for 15 years, water-based wood paint will become a bright spot in the paint market. In the future, what kind of competition pattern is the water-based wood paint market? What is the market prospect? Who may eventually become the big winner of waterborne coatings? What should we pay attention to in the process of promoting waterborne wood paint

the market situation is improving, and the current situation is mixed

in recent years, water-based wood paint, like water-based emulsion paint, is being accepted by more and more consumers, decoration companies, carpenters and other professionals, and is being concerned and involved by more and more coating enterprises. All these show that the development trend of water-based wood paint is gratifying

however, the promotion of water-based paint in the Chinese market is not satisfactory. Over the past ten years, not many consumers know about water-based wood paint, and the proportion of people who have used water-based wood paint is small. Neither consumers nor people in the industry who have been immersed in paint for many years have seen and heard that a brand of water-based wood paint can be famous for a time, and only a few brands of water-based wood paint can really be said to be famous. The development of waterborne wood lacquer in China is still not optimistic

the reason is that the current sales and achievements in the field of water-based wood paint are insignificant, and they can't surpass their past brilliance in other fields. Why is this? In addition to the immature market of water-based wood paint, consumers' understanding of water-based wood paint products is not enough. In addition, enterprises' promotion methods of water-based wood paint products also need to make up lessons

in the past two years, several major brands of water-based paint have been involved successively. Although the advertising and market response are good, they are only in the initial stage. Compared with the whole sales of the enterprise, the sales volume of water-based wood paint is only a drop in the bucket. It is estimated that in the field of wood coatings for interior decoration in China, the share of water-based wood coatings is less than 1%. It is roughly estimated that the total sales revenue of water-based wood paint in China is less than 1billion yuan, which is worrying compared with the sales revenue of more than 70 billion yuan

as for the discussion of the water-based wood paint market, the pessimistic camp said that "the technology and price are not yet mature", and the optimistic camp said that "the general trend is that the United States and the European Union have already banned the production of oil-based wood paint, and the utilization rate has reached 80% - 90%. The Chinese market is also in line with international standards". Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, water-based wood paint is indeed the development direction of wood paint in the growing voice of consumers for environmental protection. First of all, water-based wood paint is more environmentally friendly than solvent based wood paint. Secondly, the price of water-based wood paint cannot remain high all the time. Thirdly, the national mandatory policy will gradually restrict the development of solvent based wood lacquer Market. Fourth, water-based wood paint has the characteristics of large brushing area. Finally, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection and the deepening understanding of water-based wood paint, it is sooner or later that water-based wood paint will replace solvent based wood paint. Vigorously promoting and applying more environmentally friendly and healthier water-based wood paint is not only in line with the national macro-control policy, but also in line with the requirements of human health, but also in line with the pace of the development of the times. After nearly 10 years of embarrassing development in China, waterborne wood paint has ushered in the spring of growth

ironing needs its own hard persistence as the best policy.

summarize the gains and losses of many coating enterprises in promoting waterborne wood paint. Improving product performance is a top priority, and ironing needs its own hard. If we can produce water-based wood paint products with environmental protection, product performance and decorative effect that are not inferior to oil-based wood paint, price and other issues will no longer be an obstacle to the development of water-based wood paint. As for the promotion of water-based wood paint products, it is not as simple as producing products, designing novel packaging, and doing several advertising campaigns. It is not as simple as a listing press conference held in Zhongnanhai or the Great Hall of the people or a public relations event. Anyone may do these things, but how long can they persist? The way to succeed is actually very simple, that is, to do these simple things repeatedly. If you try it a little, you must give up halfway

in fact, in order to really make achievements in the promotion of water-based wood paint, in addition to unremitting and persistent efforts to the set goals, it is also a competition and test of the strength of manufacturers. It will not be achieved overnight to make great efforts to tackle key technical problems, promote products and guide consumers. Just like when Nippon just entered the Chinese market, it dared to take five years of unprofitable courage to work on the pull, just as China Resources promoted airless spraying, it dared to be innovative, and used a lot of human and financial resources to work on the thrust through endless promotion activities. In terms of promotion, highlighting the selling points of environmental protection and advocating consumption habits are the key. Only through competition and cooperation among peers can we jointly expand the market cake. If we can really establish a "water-based paint fleet" as called for by "Shuiqing lacquer treasure" in those years, China's water-based wood lacquer market will really mature

Shunde paint is expected to become a new force of water-based wood paint

as a media that cares about Shunde paint and is committed to serving Shunde paint, we want to pay more attention to the efforts, exploration and current situation of Shunde paint enterprises in promoting water-based wood paint. Wood lacquer is the product of Shunde paint to get rich. Naturally, everyone has the same plot about water-based wood lacquer. Wood lacquer is a trump card for Shunde paint to compete with foreign brands, and it is also a main reason why some foreign-funded enterprises poached a marketing executive from Shunde enterprises with an annual salary of millions to attack the field of wood lacquer. Many paint enterprises have failed in the field of water-based wood paint, or the feeling of tasteless food and pitiful abandonment has caused the confusion of many paint enterprise bosses, so that they are not only interested in water-based wood paint, but also worried about reaching the market with twice the result with half the effort

the 10000 ton annual production base of water-based wood paint of garberry has been officially put into operation, which is by far the largest production base of water-based wood paint in Asia. Recently, the identification of Hualong and Hongchang in water-based wood paint has added good news for Shunde paint to play a leading role in the water-based wood paint market. In June, 2007, organized by Foshan Science and Technology Bureau, Foshan Shunde science and Technology Bureau was entrusted to preside over the scientific and technological achievement appraisal meeting of the project "development of metal crosslinked molecular film-forming two-component waterborne wood paint resin" completed by Foshan Shunde Hualong paint industry Co., Ltd. The latest scientific research achievement of the postdoctoral research workstation of Guangdong Hongchang Chemical Co., Ltd. "Research on the synthesis and application of high solid content room temperature crosslinked microemulsion for Waterborne Wood Coatings" also passed the review of the expert group in Beijing recently. CR paint has changed the practice that manufacturers who entered the water-based paint market in previous years pay more attention to publicity than promotion, and has greatly promoted consumers and coating masters to understand and use water-based paint through various effective promotion methods such as new product launch promotion meetings and oil workers' appreciation meetings

"Guangdong is the focus of Chinese coatings, and Shunde is the focus of Guangdong coatings." Shunde, as the "hometown of Chinese coatings", most enterprises started from the production of oily Wood paint, accounting for half of China's annual output, and also cultivated a large number of famous brand enterprises such as China Resources, Metz, garberry and so on. As the cradle of wood paint production, Shunde painting enterprises pay high attention to water-based wood paint. According to the survey, as early as more than ten years ago, Shunde painting enterprises successively tried to develop and promote waterborne wood paint. Now, the achievements of a number of Shunde coatings such as China Resources, Hongchang and Jiabaoli in water-based wood paint have once again proved that Shunde coatings is expected to become a new force in the water-based wood paint market

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