The hottest air humidifier welcomes the peak sales

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Air humidifiers are the most popular in the sales season. People choose to buy air humidifiers to take care of their health. Household air humidifiers with a price between 1000 yuan and 2000 yuan have the highest sales volume. In December, with the arrival of cold air, the temperature in most parts of Beijing dropped sharply, and the characteristics of indoor dryness in northern China became more and more prominent, so people chose to buy air humidifiers to protect their health

zhongyikang recently released the humidifier retail monitoring data, which shows that compared with the same period last year, the cumulative sales of ultrasonic humidifier in the national overall market this month decreased by 17.93%, the sales of pure humidifier increased by 16.52%, and the sales of electric humidifier increased by 770.92%. In terms of price, the sales volume of products below 100 yuan increased by 16.28%, the sales volume increased by 17.92%, the sales volume of products above 800 yuan increased by 1.1%, and the sales volume increased by 8.01%, while the sales volume and sales volume of products at other prices decreased by varying degrees. Is this really the case in the market? With this doubt, I decided to go to the appliance store in person to observe the sales of humidifiers

8 when I came to Gome Yizhuang store on the 8th, I saw a row of air humidifier products with hot sale labels placed neatly at the counters of household appliances. From the price point of view, the prices of these products are divided into three grades: less than 100 yuan, less than 1000 yuan and more than 1000 yuan. The function of the electronic universal testing machine is that the ultrasonic processing cycle is 14 seconds. It is a kind of testing machine and air purification humidifier that can test the mechanical properties of materials such as stretching, tightening, bending and shearing

the Gome shopping guide said that the humidifier has entered the peak sales season since this month. The sales volume (4) the transformation of the tension signal into the electrical signal by the tension sensor is about 50% higher than that of last month. Among them, the sales volume of household air humidifiers at the price of 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan is the highest. In addition, the sales of mini humidifiers below 100 yuan are also good. These products are cute and easy to carry. They can be directly inserted into the USB interface. They are very convenient to use and are popular with students and small white-collar workers in the workplace. Affected by the cold weather and the continuous haze, the sales volume of high-end purifiers with air purification function has gradually increased, with a certain amount of improvement compared with the same period last year. The overall sales situation is similar to the overall market situation in China, showing a trend of high-end and low-end growth

finally, the shopping guide pointed to two products with air purification function and said that these two products are new Android system controlled humidifiers, which can be used anywhere in the room to remotely open various functions, but the price is also the most expensive of all products

although this high-end cloud control humidifier has not been sold yet, many people have come to inquire. It can be seen that consumers' attention and acceptance of smart appliances are increasing day by day. This kind of high-end cloud control humidifier has become the general trend of the future development of the humidifier industry

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