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"F1 in the air" has set off a new upsurge. China's UAVs are expected to rise rapidly.

[original by China intelligent manufacturing website] in the small field, who is the king of speed? The answer is racing drones. In recent years, the rapid development of UAV racing events has brought important opportunities for the racing UAV industry. China is also catching up and actively creating professional events

F1 in the air has set off a new upsurge, and the rapid rise of UAVs in China is in sight.

nowadays, UAVs have become a new favorite in the market. Tourists use self photographing UAVs to record wonderful travel, photographers use aerial photographing UAVs to draw great rivers and mountains, farmers use plant protection UAVs to fertilize and medicate, and logistics and e-commerce enterprises use distribution UAVs to deliver express. In a word, with the continuous development of the civil UAV market, UAV applications are becoming more and more popular

is there any fun and cool entertainment UAV in the UAV segment? Of course, there are. That is the racing UAV that many small partners can't stop. The racing UAV, also known as the crossing UAV, is small in size and may cause damage to the equipment if the wrong interface is inserted, But the speed is very fast and the agility is high. It is generally used in UAV competitive events

at present, the UAV race has developed rapidly, and many leagues such as DRL League, NDRC, games of drones have been established internationally. Therefore, UAV racing, together with E-sports and grappling, is called retightening the lock nut as three emerging intelligent science and technology sports, which has increasingly attracted the attention and recognition of countries all over the world

how can China's UAV speed break through

in the field of small UAVs, China ranks first in the world. It is not only a major producer of consumer UAVs in the world, but also one of the largest markets for consumer UAVs. Meanwhile, China's UAV giant Dajiang has also dabbled in the racing UAV industry. In September 2016, the company released snail through the power system to carry out industrial layout

the UAV racing event is mainly about racing UAVs and controlling pilots, which is called "air F1" by players in the industry. On the one hand, the speed sensory stimulation brought by UAV racing events to the audience is quite similar to F1 racing cars; On the other hand, the requirements for the players and the professionalism of the UAV racing events are also very strict

of course, compared with most other competitive events, UAV racing has lower restrictions on players and equipment, and is relatively more people-friendly. Whether you are an uncle in his 40s or a little Lori in her 10s, you are likely to become a professional player in the field of UAV racing. In recent years, UAV racing events have become more and more popular, and relevant competitions have been held in China. However, compared with international players and competitions, there is still a certain gap

the reasons are as follows: first, the domestic players are lack of daily training and event training, so they need to improve their assembly and control skills, gradually accumulate competition experience and continuously enhance their psychological quality; Second, there are few professional UAV racing venues in China, which is not conducive to training and holding relevant events. Therefore, the government, industry and enterprises need to work together to speed up the construction of relevant infrastructure

our solef PVDF series membrane materials applied to filter membranes have improved the reliable, high-performance and profitable racing UAV market required by the products.

as racing UAVs are mainly used in competitive events, their market characteristics are different from other UAV segments, mainly reflected in the fact that there are fewer complete machine products and more parts occupy market share. The reason why China is so backward is that most of the racing UAVs used by pilots in various countries are self-assembled

first of all, the racing UAV is a competitive product, and its application scenarios focus on the race track. The racing track of UAV will design a large number of curves and obstacles, which makes the racing UAV face different track environments, and its self-assembly has better choice flexibility, and can reasonably deploy relevant components according to the differences of the track, so that the pilot can get greater freedom and play a better level during the race

secondly, during the competition, the racing UAV basically flies at high speed. In the process of turning and avoiding obstacles, it is easy to have collision accidents, resulting in a high injury rate. Therefore, compared with the purchase of the complete machine, self assembling the UAV can not only save costs, but also facilitate the rapid replacement of parts for maintenance

therefore, in view of the special requirements for the use and maintenance of racing UAVs, although there are many enterprises in the industry that have launched complete machine products, more companies are actively laying out the parts market and focusing their competition on the fields of UAV power system, remote controller, charger, FPV eye lens and ground receiving system. It can be predicted that with the accelerated development of domestic UAV racing events, the racing UAV market is also expected to usher in rapid growth

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