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The air energy water heater has been strongly supported by governments at home and abroad.

with the continuous destruction of the entire social environment, which can accurately reflect the actual temperature of each section of the host from the readings of the temperature control instrument, people are more worried about their living environment, which also improves people's awareness of health and environmental protection, which also greatly promotes the development of air energy water heaters. Recently, both at home and abroad, the government has high hopes for air energy water heaters

since China joined the WTO in 2001 and formally became a member of the world trade organization, China's economy and trade have developed rapidly. Foreign enterprises have entered China to seize the Chinese market; Domestic enterprises have introduced foreign advanced technology and developed high-tech products, among which the air energy water heater is a new product of high-end technology. The birth of air energy water heater has achieved the development of many new energy enterprises. With the support of national policies, air energy water heater will become the mainstream product of water heater in the near future

foreign governments' support for air energy water heaters

at present, the market of air energy water heaters in European and American countries has been quite mature, with the use proportion as high as 90%. Air energy water heaters have become a necessity in people's life and have a high awareness among consumers. In fact, the high popularity of air energy water heaters in Europe and the United States and other countries is inseparable from the country's strong support for the air energy industry and generous policy subsidies

according to relevant data, in the United States, the energy conservation law of the United States stipulates that 30% of the residents' expenditure on the purchase of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment such as air energy water heaters can be offset against income tax. Since 2001, 400000 air energy water heaters have been installed in the United States every year, increasing at a rate of 10% every year; In Sweden, in 2011, the Swedish government announced that if the fuel and electric heating systems were replaced by heat pumps, the government would award 12000 to 20000 Swedish grams per unit (contract US $1800 to US $3000). In Japan, the Japanese government provides financial subsidies to citizens who buy heat pump water heaters. The maximum subsidy for purchasing one heat pump water heater is equivalent to about 3000 yuan. Compared with the assistance policies of developed countries, China's assistance policies are still in the primary stage

domestic government support for air energy water heaters

in recent years, with the rapid rise of the air energy industry, the role of the rapid development of the industry in promoting the development of national energy conservation and emission reduction has become more and more prominent. A total of 33 industrial magazines have been published, and the intentional inclination of the relevant national support policies for starting the motor to the industry has become more and more obvious. In the project of benefiting the people in 2013, the air energy water heater was included in the scope of energy-saving subsidies, and it is the product with the highest single product subsidy among energy-saving products

according to the specific objective of the State Council's recently issued energy conservation and environmental protection related policy "2 can purchase one such equipment, and the annual energy conservation, emission reduction and low carbon development action plan", the plan pays special attention to the development of service industry and strategic emerging industries

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