The hottest air force goes deep into the long arra

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The air force went deep into the bull array and Shanghai Rubber rebounded strongly.

in the recent stage, the dollar rebounded at a low level, the appreciation of the RMB gradually slowed down, and the annual output value is expected to be 520million yuan after all of them are put into operation, leading to the overall rise in the prices of natural rubber at home and abroad. The domestic spot rubber price remained strong, above 22000 yuan; Tokyo futures broke through upward, hitting the line of 300 yen/kg, while Shanghai Tianjiao futures supported the low level and rebounded strongly

at present, although the futures price of Shanghai glue futures contracts in the near and far future shows a trend of inverse basis, which is also in line with the cyclical seasonal law of glue production, the price premium of ru807 against ru809 once expanded to more than 1000 yuan, which obviously does not conform to the characteristics that the glue price gradually rose from the trough in the third quarter. The background is that the main funds of the short side concentrated on ru809, resulting in the serious oversold of the contract

in the face of the pressure from the short side to expand positions, the multi-party funds not only failed to take the initiative to stop losses and cut positions, but also increased positions, resulting in a significant expansion of the contract positions. At present, in the Shanghai Jiao 0809 contract, the sum of the top 20 main short orders of the short side exceeds the sum of the top 20 main multi orders of many parties by about 7000 hands, but the Shanghai Jiao futures price rebounded strongly, causing the main short side to be at an unfavorable low level. At present, the price difference between ru807 and ru809 has gradually converged to about 800 yuan, reflecting that the bull market intertemporal arbitrage of buying ru807 and selling ru809 in the early stage has weakened, while the bear market intertemporal arbitrage of buying ru809 and selling ru807 has increased, resulting in the conversion of the price difference between the two contracts from unreasonable to reasonable, and also promoting the main contract ru809 to lead the rally of Shanghai Jiaotong

from the comparative observation of trading volume, the trading volume of Shanghai Jiaotong decreased from 259932 on April 10 to 122130 on April 18, and then expanded to 183234 on April 25, showing a change process of first reducing the volume and then expanding the volume. Along with the support of the period price exploration, the stabilization of the decline, and the strength of the counter exploration, it shows that the interception and suppression of the main funds of the short side are gradually weakened, while the efforts of the main forces of various parties to absorb and pursue the low price are continuously enhanced, and the strength comparison between the two sides is changing, This led to a short-term reversal of the futures price trend

from the comparative observation of positions, the positions of Shanghai Rubber continued to expand from 64578 on March 27 to 108920 on April 28. The increase of positions reached 44. The scaffold fastener safety testing machine fully met the gb15831 (2) 006 test requirements of 342 hands, with a relative increase of 68.7%. In addition, in order to measure the large functional consumption of the system and the complex equipment test, the incremental funds were actively stationed, and the long intention was significantly stronger than the short intention, At the same time, it also reflects that the low position expansion pressure of the short side has been actively absorbed by many bargain hunting parties, resulting in the short side being unable to make profits at the low position, and the two sides are in a serious confrontation state. With the rebound of the price exploration, the short side will not only gradually reduce its early profits, but also suffer losses

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