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Anhui air pollution prevention and control regulations are expected to be issued within this year, with a maximum fine of 30000 yuan

a maximum fine of 30000 yuan for new hotels in residential buildings; Kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will be closed in the heavily polluted weather; If the government covers up environmental violations, the principal responsible person will take the blame and resign... A maximum fine of 30000 yuan will be imposed on newly-built hotels in residential buildings; Kindergartens and primary and secondary schools will be closed in the heavily polluted weather; On the morning of August 19, the regulations of Anhui Province on the prevention and control of air pollution (Draft) (hereinafter referred to as the draft regulations) were submitted to the 13th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 12th Anhui Provincial People's Congress for deliberation. After deliberation and revision, this local regulation, which can be called the strictest punishment in the history of punishment, is expected to be officially introduced within the year

kindergartens and primary and secondary schools with severely polluted weather have achieved a revenue of more than 200billion yuan, reaching 220.414 billion yuan. Schools will be suspended.

the draft regulations highlight the response to heavy polluted weather, stipulate that the government should formulate an emergency plan for heavy polluted weather, establish a monitoring, forecasting and early warning mechanism, clearly start the emergency plan in time, widely release early warning information, publish it to the public, and implement corresponding response measures according to the early warning level

the main contents include: ordering relevant enterprises to stop production or limit production, restricting the driving of some motor vehicles, banning fireworks and firecrackers, stopping earthwork and building demolition, stopping open-air barbecue, suspending classes in kindergartens and primary and secondary schools, and taking feasible intervention measures

in addition, it is stipulated that the provincial government should establish an atmospheric environment quality objective system and an assessment system, and regularly publicize the assessment results. For those who fail to effectively control the heavily polluted weather, or interfere with or falsify the monitoring data, or fail to achieve the annual atmospheric environment quality objectives due to poor work, lack of duty performance, etc., the relevant units and personnel will be investigated according to law, and the honorary titles of environmental protection will be cancelled

11 illegal acts in construction site will be fined less than 20000 yuan

in view of the large amount and wide range of pollution and the unclear division of supervision, the draft regulations further straighten out the dust control system and define the government and management departments

it is stipulated that the construction unit shall publicize the dust pollution control measures, principals, environmental supervisors, dust supervision authorities and other relevant information at the entrance and exit of the construction site in accordance with the requirements of the site dust pollution scheme, and accept social supervision

the integrated technology of high alloy steel casting and rolling ensures that the dust reduction measures such as enclosure, watering and covering must be taken at the construction site, and 11 prevention measures such as burning toxic smoke and dust such as asphalt and rubber are prohibited The after-sales service personnel shall strictly comply with the national laws and regulations on work safety and the technical regulations on safety in railway engineering construction (tb10401.1 ⑵ 003) and other relevant provisions on work safety. If the employer fails to take the above dust pollution prevention and control measures, it will be ordered to make corrections within a time limit and fined not less than 5000 yuan but not more than 20000 yuan

a fine of 200 yuan will be imposed if a motor vehicle fails to pass the environmental protection inspection. The draft regulations stipulate that government departments give priority to the development of public transport, plan, build and set up roads that are conducive to the public taking public transport, walking or using non motor vehicles, public transport hubs, bicycle rental service systems, charging and gas filling and other infrastructure. Advocate and encourage the public to use the public transport cold drawn low carbon steel wire 6640780011810184602658036170, bicycle and other means of travel

if a motor vehicle is driven on the road without a qualified environmental protection inspection mark, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall order it to make corrections; If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be fined 200 yuan. Whoever forges, alters, buys or sells, or uses forged, altered, bought or sold environmental protection inspection marks shall be punished by the public security organ in accordance with the law of the people's Republic of China on administrative penalties for public security. If a motor vehicle with yellow environmental protection signs enters a prohibited area, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall order it to make corrections and impose a fine of 100 yuan

it is forbidden to build new hotels in residential buildings. Violators will be fined 10000 to 30000 yuan

for a long time, oil smoke pollution in hotels is also a major problem that puzzles citizens. Some restaurants are opened on the first floor of residential buildings or residential buildings, which brings great trouble to residents. Oil smoke and strange smell make residents unable to open windows all year round

the bill clearly states that it is prohibited to build, expand or reconstruct catering services that produce oil smoke in residential buildings. For residential buildings integrating commerce and residence and commercial rooms without professional flue, it is prohibited to build new catering projects that discharge lampblack

operators of catering services must install and use pollution prevention and control facilities matching their operations according to law. Including oil fume and waste gas purification device, special oil fume exhaust funnel and odor treatment facilities

government officials responsible for shielding environmental violations should take the blame and resign.

the draft regulations have 23 articles in the chapter on laws alone, and the punishment for environmental violations can be called the most stringent local regulations in history. Chen Jun, chairman of the Legislative Affairs Committee of the Anhui Provincial People's Congress, introduced that the draft regulations set up punishment provisions in accordance with the principle that violations must be prosecuted, adopted relatively severe and permanent punishment measures such as shutdown, closure and demolition, and substantially increased the amount of fines for illegal acts

in addition, the draft regulations have detailed the types of illegal acts and punishments of the government and relevant departments. For the 9 types of acts such as covering up environmental illegal acts, falsifying monitoring data, and not disclosing bad environmental information, it is stipulated that the directly responsible executives and others will be given demerit recording, major demerit recording or demotion sanctions; If serious consequences are caused, they shall be dismissed or dismissed, and the main person in charge shall take the blame and resign

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