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AIA forged the "flagship" of connection technology

Guide: 16 years ago, Shanghai AIA electric (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as AIA electric) aimed at the high-end market, sought development breakthroughs in the field of electrical connectors and struggled to rise

from only dabbling in electrical connector products at first, it has now become a group enterprise that comprehensively covers the fields of industrial automation, industrial control, surge lightning protection, new energy and engineering plastics, and governs seven major professional companies, more than 800 core dealers and 30 foreign sales agencies. AIA Electric has always taken scientific and technological innovation as the source and lifeline of development, and continuously improved the level of technological innovation of the enterprise, Achieve high-tech in-depth development in the electrical field

recently, I interviewed AIA electric company. Wang Guoliang, chairman and President of AIA electric, seems to be more like a scholar, implicit and prudent. However, when talking about the future development blueprint of the enterprise, this middle-aged man who has been struggling in the electrical field for more than 20 years has a pride that can not be concealed. I hope to build AIA electric into an international enterprise group in the next 10 years and make it a world-class electricity automation system integrator

take the high-end

on the wall of wangguoliang's office, a calligraphic work with spring flowers and autumn fruits is particularly eye-catching. Perhaps these four words can more succinctly express the hardships and glory of Wang Guoliang and his AIA on the road to success

in the growth history of China's private enterprises, 16 years is also an old age. According to the statistics released by the all China Federation of industry and commerce, the average life expectancy of private enterprises in China is less than 3 years, and only about 15% of them live for more than 10 years. As one of the more successful examples, AIA Electric has charted an unusual development track in 16 years and become the flagship enterprise in the field of electrical connection technology

the electrical connector product is an inconspicuous sub industry in China's electrical field. 7. Do not stay away from the experimental machine in the process of experiment. However, as one of the indispensable supporting parts in electric control equipment, transmission and transformation power station, machine tool machinery and communication equipment, the electrical connector plays an important role in industrial automation industries such as electric power, electronics, communication, machinery, construction, petroleum, chemical industry, aviation and transportation. However, due to the over dispersion of enterprises, poor innovation ability and low profits, it is always difficult for domestic enterprises to form scale in this field

in order to break away from low-end manufacturing and create a national brand in the field of electrical connection, since its establishment in 1995, AIA Electric has positioned its products in the high-end market. It should not only be far lower in price than the imported products at that time, but also be far better in quality than the products of domestic manufacturers. This is the market positioning and choice of AIA electric in that year

however, AIA needs to make more efforts to achieve this goal. During this period, AIA electric continuously improved the output scale and finished product quality through process optimization, quality improvement, product development and other measures. After the birth of the first batch of electrical connection products of AIA electric in 1996, with its reasonable design and excellent quality, AIA won the unanimous praise of experts in the industry and became the designated product of the subordinate enterprises of Tianjin Electric Power Bureau. In 1999, after financing, AIA electric purchased 30 mu of land in Shanghai, and started to build a science park that year; In 2000, AIA electric officially settled in Shanghai

after the relocation, Wang Guoliang led AIA to make full use of Shanghai's advantages as a talent and resource highland to further promote the company's development strategy, so as to achieve the company's goal of building the first brand in the domestic electrical connection field

wangguoliang told us that through unremitting efforts in recent years, the competitive strength and brand influence of AIA electric are continuously increasing. In 2009, AIA electric was rated as one of the 100 key growth SMEs in Shanghai; In August, 2010, AIA electric won the title of Shanghai Science and technology small giant enterprise. This not only recognizes the company's innovation ability and independent intellectual property rights, but also further improves the technical level and scale efficiency of AIA. In 2010, the sales revenue of AIA increased by more than 50%

in terms of high-end product research and development, AIA Electric has also made great achievements. Prior to this, uj5 series cage spring terminal products independently developed by AIA electric have successfully passed the product inspection at the inspection station of the Ministry of Railways with high standards and high quality after strict product inspection for half a year. In particular, a breakthrough has been made in the flame retardant performance standard, becoming the first terminal product that has passed the inspection of the Ministry of Railways in China. This is another achievement made by AIA electric in product certification after it has benchmarked the requirements of 3C, CQC, CCS, VDE, tuv-ce and UL certification systems with high standards

instead of giving up the industry's long-term practice of mainly producing medium and low-grade products, and taking the high-end market, AIA also contributed to the overall transformation of its production and operation strategy. Today, AIA Electric has grown into a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical services. Its industries cover many fields, such as industrial wiring technology, industrial automation, industrial control, surge lightning protection, new energy and engineering plastics. Its products sell well in more than 30 countries and regions

winning through innovation

in the interview, many insiders mentioned AIA's speed and stability in scientific and technological innovation when evaluating it. In fact, this coincided with Wang Guoliang's idea. In his opinion, only sustained and high-intensity technological innovation is the key to ensure AIA's sustainable development in the next step and enhance the enterprise's development potential

in recent years, AIA Electric has always been committed to tracking the dynamics and trends of the world's scientific and technological frontier, determining forward-looking topics and items. If the oil hole of the buffer is blocked, it will improve the starting point of AIA Electric's scientific and technological progress and narrow the gap with developed countries as soon as possible through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion, absorption and innovation

we learned from the interview that in recent years, in order to improve product quality and cultivate the core competitiveness of the enterprise, AIA Electric has not only continuously increased its R & D investment and trained a professional technology R & D team, but also established strategic cooperation with foreign scientific research institutions, built a technology innovation platform, and established a domestic first-class product R & D center, mold center, and testing center. Wangguoliang said: in the next step, AIA will cooperate with well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions to jointly build a product research and development and test platform, which will inject new vitality into the future development of AIA

during the conversation, wangguoliang told that on the road of scientific and technological innovation, AIA Electric is different from other enterprises in its pursuit of high-quality and sophisticated technology. One of the major characteristics of AIA Electric's scientific and technological innovation is that its innovation concept pays more attention to being close to customers, and determines the detailed innovation positioning according to customers' needs. We cater to market needs, and use our technical strength to develop applicable products according to customers' requirements; At the same time, it is also developed according to the needs of the industry through market research. AIA has a special team to develop customized products. As long as customers put forward demands, we can solve system problems

while pursuing scientific and technological innovation, AIA electric also strengthened the construction of quality management system, optimized detailed process operation, went hand in hand in multiple links such as raw material procurement and product inspection, improved management level in breakthrough, and made innovation become the soft power of the enterprise; Realize the refinement of management and standardization of operation, and make management an inexhaustible driving force to promote the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises

wangguoliang believes that the rapid development of AIA electric in a short period of time is due to the technological innovation of the enterprise, and also to the cultivation of talent team because the enterprise has low electrolyte and affects the stability of the tank. In order to improve the independent innovation ability of the enterprise, it is necessary to find, attract, cultivate and stabilize talents by all means, so as to maximize the creativity of talents. For this reason, in the process of share reform in 2007, AIA electric used 10% of its total shares for equity incentive, and further introduced and retained high-end technologies and managers. The coal and steel supply side reform experiment: the balance game between the government and the market

it is gratifying that through the management and technical innovation in recent years, AIA gradually has the ability to produce high-quality and high-specification products in large quantities in a long-term and stable way, and has gained good brand influence in the market

at present, 39 series of products with more than 10000 varieties and specifications, such as switching power supply, PLC photoelectric relay module, analog signal isolator, transmitter, explosion-proof barrier, anti surge (lightning protection), button, etc., produced by AIA electric, are widely used in nuclear power industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, railway and other fields, and in the Olympic venues, Qinshan nuclear power plant, Beijing Zhengzhou railway, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Beijing Metro Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Three Gorges Project and other key projects at home and abroad

entering the 12th Five Year Plan period, AIA Electric has stepped into a new high point of development. With the development of smart power and new energy industries, AIA Electric will continue to play the role of a world-class electrical automation system integrator, extend the industrial chain and promote the overall strength of the enterprise. Wangguoliang said

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