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"Ren Ai Zhi Xing": the 2019 China Huairen two dimensional economy and Artificial Intelligence Summit was successfully held

[techweb] on October 11, 2019, the two dimensional economy and artificial intelligence summit with the theme of Ren Ai Zhi Xing opened in Huairen City, Shuozhou, Shanxi Province

the summit was co sponsored by the CPC Shuozhou Municipal Committee, Shuozhou Municipal People's government and China Youth Daily, CO sponsored by the guest University, CO organized by the Software Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese society of automation and China Youth, and organized by Huairen Municipal Committee, Huairen Municipal People's Government, Shuozhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Shuozhou science and Technology Association, Shuozhou campus of North China University and my guests

in order to deeply tap the domestic needs, especially the needs of young people, and give play to the creative vitality of young people in the digital economy and intelligent economy, this summit is specially held

the summit carried out in-depth discussions on the hot topics, technological innovation, industrial integration, promotion and application of the two-dimensional economy and artificial intelligence, focused on creating an exchange platform for the in-depth integration of industry, learning and research in the field of artificial intelligence, promoted the effective interaction between the government, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and investors, and the docking of intelligent economy and creative economy projects, and promoted the development of a new generation of artificial intelligence industry

Cao Xuecheng, deputy secretary of Shuozhou municipal Party committee, and Liu Liang, Secretary of Huairen municipal Party committee, delivered opening speeches. Cao Xuecheng pointed out that in recent years, Shuozhou municipal Party committee and Shuozhou Municipal People's government have earnestly implemented the three strategic objectives of Shanxi provincial Party committee and provincial government to create a new highland in the demonstration zone, established the strategy of building the city ecologically and promoting new development by stabilizing coal, made efforts to build a 2+7+n modern industrial system, and firmly embarked on a high-quality transformation and development path of ecological priority and green development. The Shuozhou municipal Party committee and the Shuozhou municipal government promoted the holding of this summit, which is precisely an exploration to practice the new development concept and promote high-quality development. After heating, the tempering color has not changed; And practice. Liu Liang also introduced Huairen's economic, cultural, educational and other development highlights, indicating his determination to actively promote the transformation and upgrading of advantageous industries and the transformation of kinetic energy, continuously increase investment attraction, and create a good business environment

the summit is divided into 12 keynote speeches and 5 round table forums. At the beginning of the summit, mashaoping, vice president of the Chinese society of artificial intelligence, gave a keynote speech on the advanced development of artificial intelligence. He said that although artificial intelligence has a history of 60 years, it is still in the Wright brothers' era. Subsequently, liuchenglin, deputy director of the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and wujihong, an international expert on the commercialization of artificial intelligence, gave speeches on the basic path of pattern recognition and intelligent perception and the commercialization of trillion level industrial artificial intelligence technology. Liuchenglin introduced the underlying technologies of face recognition, character recognition and other applications, while wujihong explained the commercialization practice of artificial intelligence with the cases of retail, mining, agriculture and other industries, focused on how to +ai in the traditional energy industry, and put forward suggestions on how to innovate the business model of traditional enterprises. Shuozhou and Huairen may become a revolutionary model of China's new energy. Wujihong said

at the summit, there were many climaxes and applause. Wangchunhui, President of the Digital Economy Research Institute of the United Nations World Silk Road forum, Tongting, Professor of the school of animation and digital arts of the Communication University of China, and other experts and scholars; huchunli, deputy editor in chief of Tencent group; Jiawei, general manager of the Ecological Cooperation Department of Alibaba artificial Intelligence Laboratory; Zhang Wuxu, general manager of iFLYTEK International Cooperation Department of the University of science and technology Zhujingrong, President of Jingyu group, and other entrepreneurs also delivered keynote speeches respectively, discussing the development, technology, commercialization, governance and industrial application of artificial intelligence, as well as the content creation of secondary elements, IP innovation and other topics

nearly 30 experts, scholars, entrepreneurs and investors from different fields participated in the round table forum. The five round table forums conducted in-depth discussions on artificial intelligence and traditional industry upgrading, two-dimensional enabling real economy, how intelligent technology can change the coal industry, the investment outlet of sinking market and regional economic transformation and innovation, as well as new economy, new industry and new kinetic energy

during the summit, Huairen city and guest University released the policy on investment promotion of secondary economy and artificial intelligence and the white paper on China's secondary economy respectively. An off-site Carnival and an artificial intelligence enterprise exhibition were also held outside the summit. The audience participated in VR game interaction, Yang Jiajiang's live Cosplay and other activities, and learned about the latest technological achievements in big data, cloud computing, IOT, artificial intelligence and so on

by holding the second meta economy and Artificial Intelligence Summit, Shuozhou and Huairen have demonstrated their determination to promote the development of emerging industries. It will also let more people know Shuozhou and Huairen, and promote the development of artificial intelligence, secondary dynamic fatigue testing machine: Yuan and other new economic industries in the local area

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