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Help Japan to improve the world image of "made in China" Guide: it always takes a lot of efforts to change a prejudice, especially to change the world image of poor quality made in China. Some Chinese enterprises, through their own actions, have put this change before people's eyes. The Fukushima nuclear leak crisis in Japan has affected the whole world

it always takes a lot of efforts to change a prejudice, especially to change the world image of "made in China" with poor quality. Some Chinese enterprises, through their own actions, have put this "change" before people's eyes

the crisis of the Fukushima nuclear leak in Japan has affected the sensitive nerves of the world, and Sany Heavy Industry has once again played an important role in the relief of Fukushima after the rescue of the Chilean mine disaster, which has once again been focused by the society and the media. If Sany equipment can be selected to participate in the rescue of Chile, the international community has a preliminary understanding of the quality of "made in China", 6 Accuracy meets: China's national standard gb/t 4340.2 ⑴ 999 international standard ISO 6507. This time, Japan, as a powerful country in engineering machinery manufacturing, offered to purchase the long boom concrete pump truck developed by Sany Heavy Industry of China for the rescue of Fukushima nuclear power plant, which undoubtedly means that the recognition of "made in China" by the international community has been greatly improved

coincidence or necessity? Sany Heavy Industry rushed to rescue the Fukushima nuclear power plant from beginning to end

worldwide disasters require world-class disaster relief equipment. When the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was facing a nuclear leak, Japan racked its brains and used various advanced equipment to inject water into the nuclear power unit to cool down. Previously, due to the low water injection hit rate of fire engines and military helicopters, they considered using pump trucks to participate in disaster relief by learning from the disaster relief experience of Soviet nuclear power plants

as the record holder of the longest boom pump truck in the world and the No. 1 brand of concrete machinery in the world, Sany Heavy Industry has naturally entered the vision of Tokyo Electric Power Company, which urgently needs to find advanced pump trucks. On March 19, TEPCO, through the Chinese Embassy in Japan, proposed to buy a sy5502thb 62m concrete pump truck from Sany in the name of President Masao Qingshui. Sany Heavy Industry immediately decided to provide a pump truck of this model with a cost of 1million US dollars and related equipment free of charge. Then, TEPCO sent a letter of thanks to Sany Heavy Industry Development Co., Ltd., which said: "we are also willing to accept and use the sy5502thb 62 meter pump truck provided by you in the rescue of Fukushima nuclear power plant. Please accept our most sincere thanks. We speed up the construction of safety and health traceability system, and eagerly look forward to your pump truck coming to Japan as soon as possible in the materials related to food safety."

On March 19, Sany 62m pump truck set out from Changsha to Shanghai; On March 24, the "Suzhou" from Shanghai Port arrived at Osaka port, Japan, carrying a 62 meter pump truck; On March 27, three Japanese operators arrived at the rescue site of Fukushima nuclear power plant with a 62m pump truck

Sany 62m pump truck is the longest boom pump truck ever built in Japan. In order to enable the pump truck to drive smoothly to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the Japanese Ministry of land and transportation planned the driving route in advance, and specially equipped with a police car to open the way for the pump truck

in this way, on March 27, after about 8 days of preliminary work including equipment commissioning, land and sea transportation, operator training and water pumping test, the 62m pump truck finally arrived at the command center of Fukushima nuclear power plant

on March 31, the pump truck officially began to inject water into the relevant units of Fukushima nuclear power plant to cool down, and the water injection effect was very good. The cooling of the nuclear power unit was obvious. According to professionals, although all six units of the Fukushima nuclear power plant have been declared scrapped, water injection cooling is a necessary step for the final closure of the reactor. According to Japanese official news, the reactor core temperature of unit 1 was as high as 2500 degrees, so the water injection cooling work may continue for about a month

high profile or "high profile"? In fact, before the 62 meter pump truck of Sany arrived at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, a 56 meter pump truck of German elephant was just transported from the sea to Japan via the nuclear power plant. However, in the trial process of Dongdian company, the boom is not long enough, so when the water injection conditions are more stringent, we can only "sigh at the ocean"

boom technology is a key technology of concrete pump truck, which has been mastered by Germany and the United States before. Sany Heavy Industry successfully developed the first domestic boom pump truck with independent intellectual property rights in 1998. After more than ten years of development, the boom of Sany pump truck has extended from 37 meters to 72 meters, setting two records, the first in boom length in the world and the first in concrete delivery volume of pump truck in the world. So far, it has not been broken. Today, the domestic pump truck represented by SANY has completely replaced the import, and sany has become the largest concrete pump truck manufacturing base in the world

behind the coincidence is long-term accumulation and efforts. Sany Heavy Industry has repeatedly participated in major international rescue, which seems to be a coincidence, but it is the continuous development of Sany's world-class brand strength and high-quality, high reliability products

"in the event of rescuing miners in Chile, which caused a sensation in the world last October, the mechanical equipment of Sany Heavy Industry of China played a special role and was also praised by Chile. Now the equipment of Sany Heavy Industry will also play a special role in coping with the nuclear crisis in Japan." Caojingxing, a special observer of voice of China, commented after learning that Sany had rushed to aid Japan

in October, 2010, Sany SCC4000 crawler crane, known as "the first crane in China", participated in the world-renowned rescue of Chile's mining disaster. The crawler crane of Sany Heavy Industry is one of the two equipment for on-site rescue and the only one from Asia

at that time, some people thought that this event was the performance of Sany's advertising. However, in fact, Sany did not know about the rescue of the Chilean mine disaster in advance, but learned through the media that Sany equipment was involved. According to xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, this was "publicized and high-profile". Similarly, in this disaster relief in Japan, Sany did not know the use of the pump truck water injection nuclear facility in advance. Instead, TEPCO offered to buy Sany equipment, and sany responded at the first time. Here, without Sany's brand strength and high reliability products, everything is empty talk

in addition, Sany's assistance to Japan has been actively reported by the global media. In an article on China's concrete pumps participating in nuclear crisis rescue, Wall Street said: "the Sany plant near Changsha airport can be described as spotless. Anyone who comes to Sany to visit can feel the strong pride of the enterprise. Sany has driven the development of the construction machinery industry with equipment such as its pump trucks sent to Japan."

oppose or support? Sany disaster relief provides an opportunity to improve China Japan relations

during this period, Sany group's global service mailbox Sany service on the official website has been particularly popular. It has received thank-you letters from many Japanese friends. "Thank you for your kindness.i will never forget." Such words

in Japan, Sany Heavy Industries provided a 62 meter pump truck worth US $1million free of charge to rescue the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which was reported by dozens of authoritative media such as the Japanese station and newspapers, and was sincerely thanked by the Japanese people and government. Japanese media also affectionately called Sany pump truck "big GIRAFFE" or "China's big manipulator"

"thank you. I will remember the name of Sany Heavy Industry, such as anesthesia machine and ventilator." "Thank Sany." "Thank you very much. Thank you for your kindness." On Japan's most authoritative website, Yahoo Japan (the users of Yahoo Japan account for 90% of the total network users in Japan), Japanese people expressed their thanks to Sany Heavy Industry through online messages

for Japanese experts working in Sany, this donation of Sany makes them feel more proud. Guan genjunqiang, who lives in Nagoya, Japan, came to work for Sany group in 2009 and served as deputy director of Lean quality headquarters, told Sany that he was proud to be an employee of Sany for sending equipment and personnel for assistance this time. At the same time, he also said "thank you" for Sany's selfless assistance

xiangwenbo, President of Sany Heavy Industry, said: "this pump truck trip to Japan has built a bridge of friendship between China and Japan. I hope Sany will play its part in Japan's post disaster reconstruction." At the same time, Xiang Wenbo also said through his microblog: "someone asked Sany why it donated rather than sold. There are too many big reasons to tell. You must have seen a story about a Japanese who sacrificed his life to save 20 Chinese trainees. He died to save the Chinese people. It is right that we should do what we can."

On March 22, Xinhua News Agency published a report on Sany's participation in the rescue, saying that Sany's rescue of the Japanese earthquake may be an opportunity to improve China Japan relations

many friends left messages on the microblog related to Sany's rush to help Japan. Among them, more is the voice of support and rationality. "What makes us proud is not only that we have advanced technology, but also that we have love without borders." A friend wrote in the message board

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