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Artificial intelligence will become a teacher's helper. The Ministry of education will carry out pilot projects in Ningxia and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Beijing News Express (although Wang Jun has also developed various small panel control systems). In order to promote teachers to actively adapt to new technological changes such as informatization and artificial intelligence, the Ministry of Education recently decided to carry out pilot projects in Ningxia and Beijing Foreign Studies University to promote the construction of teachers' team with artificial intelligence

recently, the Ministry of Education issued the notice on carrying out the pilot work of artificial intelligence boosting the construction of teachers' team, which will launch the action of artificial intelligence boosting the construction of teachers' team in a pilot way

the notice points out that an innovation base for teacher education will be established in Ningxia University and Ningxia Normal University, and laboratories will be established jointly with artificial intelligence backbone enterprises or high-level normal universities to set up artificial intelligence courses and cultivate teachers who are suitable to see how giant BASF solves the problem of artificial intelligence

at the same time, Ningxia will select a group of excellent principals with strong information management ability and backbone teachers with strong information technology application ability to carry out intelligent education leadership training and teaching ability training respectively. Ningxia will also carry out the construction of teachers' big data, collect data on Teachers' classroom teaching behavior and teachers' learning development, explore the construction and application of teachers' big data, support teachers' work decisions, and optimize teachers' management processes

Beijing Foreign Studies University will build a number of intelligent classrooms to provide strong support for the innovation of College Teachers' education and teaching; The University Teachers' award carries out intelligent education literacy training to help teachers grasp the progress of artificial intelligence technology

Beiwai will also carry out big data construction for teachers. It is not difficult to collect information about teachers' teaching, scientific research and management, form big data of university teachers, establish teachers' digital portraits, mine teachers' big data, support school decision-making, improve teachers' management and optimize teachers' services

"the Ministry of education will inspect, evaluate and accept the pilot work by means of special supervision and third-party evaluation." The notice is clear

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