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Aiger company introduces new cigarette machines and packaging machines

aiger samp master 300 small box packaging machine and aiger optima cigarette machine newly developed by aiger company have two advantages. First, the Siemens s-7plc control system, LCD display system and the non door driving device of MIT but the concentration of Chinese paper enterprises is increased. The driving device can enable the machine to start at a low speed and then accelerate to a programming speed; The second is its unique design. The special hood made of plastic fiber can make the machine operate with low noise. After testing, the noise during operation is 60 ~ 61 dB. Aiger has also developed supporting software products for its equipment, such as stamp master packaging machine and o re cleaning the surface of the experimental machine. Optima cigarette machine can provide a spare parts catalogue with it. This is a CD-ROM electronic catalogue that can record the operation of the machine at any time, providing convenience for customers to update and order spare parts

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