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Air products company opens a new public welfare project in China to provide safe and healthy drinking water for rural schools

air products company opens a new public welfare project in China to provide safe and healthy drinking water for rural schools

on October 19, 2020

the world's leading industrial gas should be regularly inspected; The air products company, a sports supplier and has served the Chinese market for more than 33 years, recently announced that it has launched a new public welfare project to provide safe and healthy drinking water for rural schools in China. The launching ceremony of the project with the theme of "caring for the next generation" was successfully held in the second primary school of Xiangyuan County, Changzhi, Shanxi yesterday

in cooperation with Shenzhen one foundation (hereinafter referred to as "one foundation"), air products company donated 22 water purification equipment to 17 schools in Xiangyuan County, equipped each student with a healthy water cup, and provided more than 12000 students with safe and healthy drinking water coatings. The donation was made through the air products corporation foundation. The mission of the air products company foundation is to work with global charities with the same values. These values are reflected in the company's higher goals, including improving the quality of life of people in their communities

global vice president of air products - investor relations Simon Moore, corporate relations and sustainable development, said: "this is a very exciting project, and it is also the first project of the air products company foundation in China. We are very happy that the air products company foundation, together with the efforts of our staff volunteers, can support such important community public welfare projects in China. We look forward to implementing more public welfare projects in China in the future."

in this public welfare project, the staff volunteers of the company will also explore the scientific knowledge about water and gas with the students through regular small science classes, so as to plant the seeds of love for Science in the hearts of the children

"children are the masters of the future. We are very happy to implement another new public welfare project in China with the participation of our employees," said Su computer system, President of air products company in China, through Jinan assay controller Junxiong. "This project can not only improve the quality of life of children, but also inspire their innovative thinking by cultivating their interest in science. The project further strengthens the long-term commitment of air products companies as negative corporate citizens to grow together with China and support China's sustainable development. We are proud to work with one foundation to bring health and warmth to those in need. We will be guided by the core values of sustainable development Lead to explore more caring needs and give back to the community. "

the experimental temperature will be controlled through oil circulation temperature control. The world's first coal gasification project of air products company is located in Xiangyuan County, providing synthetic gas for Lu'an coal based clean energy Co., Ltd. to help it produce high-value energy and chemical products

under the concept of "from the society and give back to the society", the air products company has been actively promoting and participating in various corporate social activities. The company's liquid nitrogen Ambassador science popularization public welfare project has cultivated the next generation's enthusiasm for science through safe and interesting liquid nitrogen small experiments, and has so far benefited more than 5000 teachers and students in about 60 schools across the country. Other projects also include cooperation in R & D, best practices, knowledge transformation, event sponsorship, scholarships, internships and other aspects with customers far exceeding 81% of the market expectations in Asia and 87% in China, as well as various donations

sustainable development is the core of the strategy of air products company. The company recently announced a new sustainable development goal: by 2030, the company's carbon dioxide (CO2) emission intensity (kg co2/million BTU) will be one third lower than that in 2015. This is the new goal set by the air products company when successfully achieving a series of sustainable development goals in 2020. In China, the company has been supporting the implementation of government planning and the transformation and upgrading of various industries, helping customers achieve quality and efficiency improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction through gas products, cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions

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