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Air conditioning enterprises move forward in contradictions

contradictions are the normal development of all things. As a special product in the household appliance industry, air conditioning is an industry that is struggling to move forward in various contradictions

contradiction 1: changing energy efficiency grade labeling on March 1, 2005, China officially implemented the mandatory energy efficiency labeling system for household refrigerators and room air conditioners. The energy efficiency signs are divided into five levels, of which the first level is the most energy-saving and the fifth level is the most energy consuming

there are many problems in the implementation of this kind of logo. On the one hand, some enterprises label false logos; On the other hand, when enterprises promote in the terminal stores, they will calculate an economic account for consumers on the energy efficiency label. As a result, the products with energy efficiency level 4 ~ 5 account for 95% of the total sales of air conditioners. As a result, the original intention of the state to implement energy efficiency labeling has been frustrated

recently, the National Standards Commission and the national development and Reform Commission are soliciting the opinions of enterprises on raising the energy efficiency access standard of China's air conditioning market from the current level 5 to level 2 in 2009. They are ready to force the existing level 3, 4 and 5 products out of the market. They hope to promote the development of energy-saving air conditioners by raising the threshold through the introduction of new energy efficiency standards. However, enterprises including domestic first-line air-conditioning brands have expressed concern about the new standard: the cost will increase by 30%~40%. At the same time, domestic air-conditioning enterprises will increase their dependence on foreign energy-saving technologies and core devices

in addition, some energy-efficient air-conditioning products have emerged in the market. For example, the energy efficiency ratio of Zhigao's "digital three super king" air conditioner is 4.75, and Kelon's "dual high efficiency air conditioner" claims that the energy efficiency ratio is 7,, Midea's "thermal cycle air conditioner" is even more high-profile, with a comprehensive energy efficiency ratio of 8.3. These are all problems that can be solved. In the face of these excessive values, has the air conditioning energy efficiency label become "outdated"

however, it is not difficult to see that through the game between air-conditioning enterprises, national regulatory authorities and consumers, air-conditioning products are developing in the direction of energy conservation, and consumers will certainly enjoy products with appropriate prices and energy conservation

contradiction 2: frequency conversion technology in slow promotion

the frequency conversion technology of air conditioning is called the second revolution in the air conditioning industry. Frequency conversion air conditioning has been developed in China for nearly 20 years, and the frequency conversion technology has been recognized for its energy-saving and comfortable performance. However, the market share of variable frequency air conditioners hovered around 9% and once stagnated

recently, variable frequency air conditioners have once again become a hot spot in the market. First, Hisense established a regional variable frequency promotion alliance in Shanghai, and announced that variable frequency air conditioners will replace fixed frequency air conditioners in 10 years. Subsequently, the national standard for variable frequency air conditioners will also be issued. However, both the frequency conversion alliance led by Hisense and the draft of the national standard for frequency conversion air conditioning have been criticized by some enterprises. In recent years, many enterprises attribute the slow development of variable frequency air conditioners to the lack of national standards. However, in the face of the drafting and formulation of national standards, most enterprises either do not participate in it or make accusations

Hisense has taken the lead in the development of variable frequency air conditioners. First of all, Hisense should know that its own efforts cannot affect the whole industry. Secondly, Hisense's frequency conversion promotion means and methods should be broader. First, the most ideal situation is that the measured values are scattered intensively, and then the frequency cake should be enlarged. Then, kaochaijie said that he would consider sharing food. The development of variable frequency air conditioning has fallen into a strange circle. On the one hand, air conditioning enterprises all know that variable frequency air conditioning is good, saving energy and electricity. On the other hand, in order to survive and market share, enterprises do not have the energy to consider variable frequency. At the same time, Hisense has established the direction of frequency conversion for a long time, acting as the spokesman of frequency conversion in the market, which makes many big brands unwilling to promote frequency conversion from the perspective of narrow competition

the trend of air conditioning frequency conversion has been clear, and the opportunity for development lies in the introduction of relevant policies. However, many enterprises should adjust their mentality and face the challenges and opportunities brought by the adjustment of product pattern

contradiction 3: healthy air conditioners are unhealthy

the hype about the health performance of air conditioners began in the "SARS" period. Silver ions, ultraviolet rays, photocatalysts, catechins and other antibacterial and bactericidal technologies even the salesmen in the stores are confused, not to mention the vast number of consumers. In recent years, various air conditioning enterprises have focused on the health performance of air conditioning on the adjustment and improvement of indoor air quality, that is, to achieve the comfort and health of the living environment through temperature and humidity regulation, ventilation, dust-proof and antibacterial technologies

however, what embarrasses many air conditioning enterprises is that not long ago, the domestic mainstream media repeatedly reported the health problems of air conditioners. After the unanimous demonstration of many authoritative institutions, air conditioners have become the main source of indoor air pollution. On the past world environment day, an expert seminar on the development trend of the health air conditioning industry with the theme of "health air conditioning should start from itself" was held in Beijing. The experts at the meeting agreed that the health air conditioner should start from itself, and the health performance of the air conditioner should first pay attention to the inhibition and killing performance of bacteria in the air conditioner itself

according to the investigation of the household appliance research group of the market economy Research Institute of the development research center of the State Council, there are two kinds of healthy sterilization and bacteriostasis technologies applied to air conditioning products in the market at present. One is to use antibacterial and bactericidal materials, add various sterilization, antibacterial and anti enzyme technologies to the filtration, or increase the number and thickness of filtration layers; One is that a few air-conditioning enterprises install ultraviolet sterilization devices, photochemical plasma sterilization devices and ionization purification devices in the air-conditioning chamber. At the same time, the research group pointed out that the health performance of air conditioners has once again become a new hot spot. If air-conditioning enterprises seize this market opportunity, take the consumer demand as the basis, dare to innovate in their own technologies, and improve their own health index, it is the key for enterprises to change the competitive pattern and stand out in the fierce market competition

contradiction 4: the dispute over the right to speak in the channel

the first three contradictions have not always become the focus of the air conditioning industry in the air conditioning enterprises, but the contradictions between the air conditioning enterprises and the strong home appliance chain channels are often seen in the newspapers. With regard to the rise and fall of air-conditioning prices in 2007, the two sides shouted out different voices, shouted down through strong chain channels, and took practical actions to lower the prices of air-conditioning; Air conditioning enterprises are clamoring for higher prices, and they are also increasing the average price of air conditioners by adjusting the product structure and adding high-end models

Gome's "quasi financial model" of delaying the payment for goods and using part of the payment for opening new stores has been controversial in the industry. However, due to the scale advantage of its national network, most suppliers can only give in. However, with the success of Gree's self built channel model and the attraction of the secondary and tertiary market potential, the diversified channel model has emerged. The voice of air-conditioning enterprises began to strengthen

at the beginning of 2007, Gome and Gree realized regional cooperation in Guangzhou. Recently, Gome made a major concession to the company on the 2007 contract. Gome's previous so-called optimized operation mode is actually a response to Siemens, Haier and other large enterprises' tough demand for "cash and spot", which may trigger a chain reaction among suppliers

we should see that the contradiction between the two sides has had an important and positive impact on the environment in recent years, and will certainly receive the attention of the industry in recent years, and will affect many decision-making directions of air-conditioning enterprises. In a great sense, the diversified channel model is the product of the intensification of contradictions between the two sides. However, the emergence of diversified channel mode is definitely a driving force for China's air-conditioning enterprises to open up secondary and tertiary markets, and it is also a strong support for air-conditioning enterprises in the transition period to realize value marketing

China's air-conditioning enterprises suffer from more than the above four contradictions. However, no matter what kind of air-conditioning enterprises are moving forward in the contradictions, from a dialectical perspective, these contradictions have promoted the progress of air-conditioning from product technology to marketing structure, which will also promote the development and maturity of air-conditioning enterprises

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