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If you have a new house, but you have no money to decorate it, what should you do at this time? In this regard, the loan network tells you that at this time, the majority of borrowers can apply for decoration loans to help you realize this wish

do you know the application method of decoration loan? In other words, through which channels can you apply for decoration loans? In this regard, the Xiaobian of lending network will make a detailed introduction for you. At present, there are mainly the following ways to apply for decoration loans: 1. Bank loans. The advantage of applying for consumer loans by banks is that they are relatively convenient and fast, and because there are many companies cooperating with banks, they can choose more decoration companies. The disadvantage is that its loan interest rate is slightly higher than the mortgage interest rate. 2. Consumer finance company. The loan applied for in the consumer finance agricultural company is the fastest and most convenient, and the repayment methods are different for different groups of people. However, the disadvantage is that the cost is high and the interest is high. 3. Credit card. As the most common financial instrument in modern times, almost everyone has a credit card. It's nothing new to pay the decoration fee by installment with a credit card. The advantage of credit card decoration is that the unsecured operation is simple and fast, while the disadvantage is that there are few decoration companies to choose

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