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According to the editor, the Department of housing and urban rural development of a province pointed out at the meeting that the decoration of houses can also extract the provident fund. Once the news was put forward, it has caused great repercussions in the decoration industry. However, industry insiders revealed that this policy has not been implemented in all parts of the province, and some cities across the country are exploring the extraction standard. I believe this is also a very exciting news for owners who are preparing to decorate in Wuhan. Wuhan Decoration network editor reminds: decoration is about to be able to withdraw provident fund, and it is very important to see the right time for decoration

case: the extraction of provident fund for decoration can save the urgent need

Li Ming and his object bought a 92 square meter house with a provident fund loan, with a total price of 1million yuan, a down payment of 400000 yuan and a loan of 600000 yuan. "The balance of our provident fund accounts is 120000. According to the current policy, we can only withdraw more than 20000 yuan a year to repay the loan, and we can't withdraw the balance at one time." Li Ming said that what he bought was an existing house, with floors, walls, ceilings... The cost of decoration was 60000 or 70000 yuan. In order to buy a house, their savings were spent, and then the decoration felt "great pressure". "Seeing that there are more than 100000 yuan in the provident fund account, I can't put it forward for use. I'm really anxious."

small editor's advice: there should be many owners like Li Ming. If Wuhan implements the policy that decoration can withdraw provident fund, it is a great opportunity for owners who buy houses in Wuhan, so decoration must see the timing and don't follow the trend at will

difficulties in extracting provident fund for decoration:

according to some insiders, the policy of extracting provident fund for decoration cannot be realized in various parts of a province for the time being, largely because there is no accurate grasp of the decoration standard. The decoration market is mixed, decoration is different from house purchase and loan, and house purchase and loan are very clear bills and contracts, but because there are many options for decoration, Therefore, it is inevitable that some informal contracts and bills will cheat the provident fund. Therefore, for these cities that cannot normally implement the decoration provident fund policy, it is necessary to unify the decoration market and achieve standardized operation, so as to bring benefits to the decoration owners. (recommended reading: procedures and precautions for housing purchase with provident fund loan)




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