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Is it good to decorate in spring

as the saying goes, "the plan of the year lies in spring". Many people say that spring is a good time for home decoration, because there are various promotion methods in major building materials stores at the beginning of the spring. If you can buy more affordable building materials, the decoration company will also have sufficient staff. However, many people believe that the changeable weather in spring, when the weather is suddenly warm and cold, has caused great trouble for home decoration. So, is it good to decorate in spring? Let's analyze the advantages and disadvantages of spring decoration in an all-round way:

the advantages (advantages) of spring decoration mainly lie in:

1. Spring decoration is conducive to the stability of wood, is not easy to be affected by moisture and deformation, and is convenient for storage and use

2. The air circulation of decoration in spring is good, which is conducive to the volatilization of indoor water and can shorten the construction period

3. Decoration in spring is conducive to the volatilization of indoor harmful substances and the purification of air

the disadvantages (disadvantages) of spring decoration mainly lie in:

1. Excessive drying of the air is a disadvantage of spring decoration. Because many construction materials are usually stacked on the decoration site, some of which are flammable or explosive products, there are certain potential safety hazards

2. In addition to being dry, the decoration in spring should also be waterproof and moisture-proof, especially in the south, which is very prone to return to the south, and the humidity in the plum rain season is also very high

3. Spring is the season with the largest wind and sand, and there is relatively more indoor dust, which will have a certain impact on the decoration process

12 matters needing special attention in spring decoration:

1 Pay attention to moisture preservation when entering the site

after the wood is transported to the decoration site, pay attention to avoid placing it in a ventilated place. When the temperature is low, reduce ventilation, and it is best to put a basin of water indoors

2. Woodworking products should be sealed in time

the decorative board used for decoration in spring is at the driest time, so its surface is very easy to crack after fabrication. The moisture content of the wood thread used for trimming is higher than that of the decorative panel, so the surface should be sealed as soon as possible after processing, otherwise shrinkage will occur

3. Prevent the wood from deforming due to moisture

after the wood is bought back, it should be put in the house for twoorthree days, and then the construction procedure can be carried out after it adapts to the local atmosphere. Before construction, the ground shall be kept dry and the damp proof course shall be paved

4. Pay attention to keep warm during construction

the temperature in spring is high and low. If the plastering, puttying, tiling and other working surfaces are frozen, there will be hollowing and other problems. Bricklayer mixing mortar and oiler spraying all kinds of paint, it is best not to work in the open air and operate according to the temperature in the product description

5. Care should be taken in the selection of ceramic tiles

ceramic tiles with low water absorption should be selected for decoration in spring with large temperature difference between day and night. The products with smooth and delicate surface, glittering and translucent surface and soft back feel are products with appropriate water content; Ceramic tiles with low water absorption, fine structure and clear and pleasant knocking sound...

6 Pay attention to the ventilation of windows

after the decoration in spring, it should also be noted that the windows should not be opened too much in the north-south direction, otherwise the wind will be strong, and cracks will appear due to the different internal moisture content outside the ceiling, woodwork and wall, resulting in inconsistent internal and external change rates

7. The smaller the brick gap is, the more it needs to be cured

because the amount of jointing agent contained in the small brick gap itself is small, and the maintenance is not in place or in time, it is very easy to crack the floor tile jointing agent, crack and fall off the wall jointing agent, and even pulverize. The curing is generally carried out the next day after the laying of bricks. The method is very simple. Wipe the brick seam gently with a clean wet towel to keep the brick seam moist

8. The base course moisture-proof primer cannot be saved

the base course moisture-proof primer cannot be saved during the construction of wall coating. Pay attention to ventilation after painting, and try to dry to the greatest extent

9. Pay attention to the prevention of dust pollution paint

blow drying agent should be used in the construction of wood paint. Windows can be opened for ventilation only after it is fully dry, and sand particles should be prevented from falling on the dry paint surface

10. Select high-performance interior wall paint

due to the expected impact of humid climate, special attention should be paid to the stability, bonding strength and initial drying crack resistance of interior wall paint. Method for quality inspection of interior wall coating: carefully observe the details, make detailed time records, and then compare

11. Pay attention to the air purification in the house

after the decoration, all kinds of flavors will not spread out, which will affect people's health. Put more green plants or tropical fruits to achieve rapid deodorization

12. Pay attention to the correct construction method

the correct construction method must be adopted to reduce the amount of rework




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