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In this materialistic era, people need to pursue too many things. Material abundance brings a sense of freshness and enrichment, and also makes people feel that urban space is increasingly crowded, and work and life are increasingly complicated. Open the wooden door: minimalist design is an attitude

in this materialistic era

people need to pursue too many things

material filling brings a sense of freshness and fullness

it also makes people feel that -

urban space is increasingly crowded

work and life are increasingly complex

therefore, People began to pursue

simplicity and tidiness in sense

elegance in taste and thought

minimalism became popular

it began to be derived from design to all aspects of life

so is home space

door, which is the most important entrance to home space

different doors, Reflecting the taste and interest of the owner

no matter what style of home space

is inseparable from a stylish door

under the new trend of minimalism

open the door and start a new thinking and definition of "door"

"simple and extraordinary" various door series were born by luck

these doors seem simple and wonderful

but they are actually extremely fine

no matter how practical or beautiful they are, they are unparalleled

simple and extraordinary, Just in line with the minimalism that urbanites yearn for

abandon cumbersome decoration

show the rich texture of wood with classic designs such as dot line combination and line segmentation

let people feel fresh and neat from the room to the heart

non complicated and not too eye-catching wooden door

whether it is matched with Chinese style, American style or modern style

, And improve the artistic style

reserve more room for the follow-up home design

Chinese people have an obsession with wood since ancient times

have very high requirements for the quality or environmental protection of wood

therefore, the material used for opening the door is also very exquisite

after layers of craftsmanship processing

both retain the performance, texture and beauty of natural wood

and green Pollution free

in addition to the aesthetic new life given to the wooden door products by design

it also gives the door a new meaning of being healthier and more environmentally friendly

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