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It is not difficult to find that the theoretical prospect of the domestic raw wood door market has formed a certain contrast with the general business status of raw wood door dealers, and there is still a gap between the two sides

in the era of word-of-mouth of the raw wood door manufacturer [Meike wood door], it is not difficult for dealers to find out how to make efforts

it is not difficult to find that the theoretical prospect of the domestic raw wood door market has formed a certain contrast with the general business status of raw wood door dealers, and there is still a gap between the two sides

the industry predicts that with the rise of post-80s and post-90s consumer groups and the deepening of consumption upgrading, the consumer structure of China's raw wood door market begins to change, and the awareness of personalization, branding, serialization and other aspects is significantly enhanced. In addition, external factors such as China's increasing urbanization rate of housing also create more opportunities for the development of raw wood door brands. Therefore, many insiders believe that as a sub industry of the door industry, raw wood doors may usher in a golden period of development by virtue of their durability, environmental protection and high-grade advantages

team is the driving force - cooperate with enterprise support to improve the terminal team

with the continuous development of the raw wood door market, now the requirements for the dealer team are becoming higher and higher, not only to meet the basic needs of store operation in terms of quantity, but also to put forward professional standards for personnel's product knowledge, marketing ability, service level, etc

indeed, looking at the raw wood door market, many store teams have not received professional, systematic and comprehensive training. They will only throw some product information to customers simply and rudely. They have a warm attitude but lack professional marketing skills and actively tap the service spirit of consumers' real needs, which will easily lead to consumers no longer patronizing stores. Therefore, whether from the perspective of expanding the market or just from the perspective of dealer performance, improving the comprehensive level of dealer team is an urgent problem to be solved in order to become bigger and stronger

for this reason, many brand enterprises also attach more importance to the cultivation of dealer teams than the expansion of their scale

it can be seen that in terms of the training of terminal teams, raw wood door dealers should not only make layout according to the specific needs of the local market and stores, but also rely on the professional support of cooperative brands, so as to play a more competitive team and provide human support for the operation of stores

marketing as a weight - change ideas and carry out targeted marketing promotion

now is the era of "wine is also afraid of deep alleys". Although word-of-mouth communication between customers alone is effective, it is slow, and cannot form a large-scale radiation effect, so it is difficult to quickly improve the popularity of stores. Therefore, all-round marketing and promotion has also become a weight to determine whether raw wood door dealers can achieve good performance

this enlightens many dealers that the traditional business models such as Mom and pop stores are gradually losing competitiveness. We can no longer have the mentality of "opening a store and then waiting to count money". Instead, we should establish a keen sense of smell, improve publicity awareness, actively understand the platforms that consumers are willing to accept at present, and then carry out all-round marketing and promotion in combination with the specific advantages of brands or products

for example, nowadays, the impact of the Internet on people's lives is deepening day by day, and all walks of life extend the tentacles of online marketing to the lives of consumers. Dealers can follow this idea to establish a systematic marketing and promotion system, strive for the combination of online and offline, and provide targeted brand information to the audience and guide stores

Foshan Meike wooden door manufacturer knows the importance of the development of the times and attaches great importance to dealers. In addition to the good quality of wooden furniture, its reputation is also deeply loved by consumers

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