Report highlights illegal sale of fish in the Bale

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Report highlights illegal sale of fish in the Balearics - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

A report by the Marilles Foundation points to the existence of groups involved in the illegal sale of fish.

Some eighty people were spoken to:1640034537592,. They included professional and recreational fishermen, government officials, restaurant owners, scientists, activists, and even poachers. Much of the testimony was anonymous, and it indicated that there are specific cases of collusion between professional and recreational fishermen to “launder” fish caught illegally.

There areinHouseArticle, the report has found, highly specialised poachers who earn some 3The mRNA vaccine technology being used now to figh,000 euros per month. Some amateur fishermen sell fish as well, and most restaurant owners said that they had been offered fish caught illegally.

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