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Third, the competition for manufacturers in the integrated terminal market will intensify.

Google (China) insiders recently revealed to the economic information daily that Google has plans to enter the Chinese market with smart Internet TV (hereinafter referred to as "Google TV") products using the Google TV platform. Previously, it will first investigate the Chinese market with Soni and other manufacturers, and then launch related products

on the 16th of this month, Sony first launched Google TV products in the United States. According to foreign media reports, a senior Sony official said that Google TV may enter the Chinese market in a year. Although Sony has no official timetable for Google TV's entry into China at present, Yoshihisa Ishida, Sony's senior vice president, said that due to the size of the Chinese market and the number of Internet users in China, he has high hopes for the Chinese market

in this regard, some insiders pointed out that with the continuous progress of the three convergence process in China, Internet TV will become the most important three convergence terminal product, and it is possible to phase out the existing TV in the next 5 to 10 years. Therefore, the competition situation of Chinese and foreign manufacturers in this market will intensify in the future

Ovi consulting data shows that the retail volume of China's Internet TV has accounted for more than 20% of the entire color TV market. It is expected that the growth rate of Internet TV will exceed 50% in 2010, and the sales volume will reach more than 35% of the overall LCD TV, which means that the market scale of China's Internet TV will exceed 30billion yuan in 2010. At the same time, Ovi consulting predicts that 2010 will be a year for color TV manufacturers to make collective efforts and carry out comprehensive competition in the field of Internet TV, and the general trend of Internet TV becoming the standard configuration of flat-panel TV is irreversible. It is expected that the annual sales volume of Internet TV will exceed 6million

at present, Changhong, TCL, Konka, Haier and other major domestic TV manufacturers sincerely welcome users to call and consult. Our company's experimental machine has launched its own Internet TV, which will be the focus of its future development: TCL publicly announced that non internet TV with a large screen of more than 40 inches will be completely discontinued, and launched a strong winter offensive to attract consumers with "a 20% reduction in the price of Internet TV with more than 40 inches"; Konka launched flat-panel TVs with networking functions in the first half of the year, and issued a statement that TVS without Internet TV functions will be discontinued

in terms of foreign manufacturers, Samsung also showed its willingness to enter China's Internet TV market. In the second quarter of this year, Hong Chengping, general manager of Samsung Electronics Tianjin factory R & D center, said that the graphene electronic flexible screen independently developed by Changzhou 2D Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. will meet with citizens at the exhibition site. This year, Samsung will still fully add network functions to the TV. He said that TV with network function can directly access the Internet through home broadband, and can also realize a variety of Internet based applications

Zhang Yanxiang, CEO of streaming media, introduced in an interview with economic information daily that at present, Chinese and foreign manufacturers are targeting the domestic Internet TV market. In addition to seeing the internal requirements of domestic consumers for the upgrading of TV in the future, it is more important to take the opportunity of occupying terminals to obtain more profits in the future three integration industries

Zhang Yanxiang introduced that the manufacturers that have launched Internet TV at present have built their own content platforms. By cooperating with internet content providers, they can provide users with video services and various interconnections, which can also be exempted from hydraulic experiment applications. Apple's Appstore has proved the success of this "channel plus content provider" model due to its increasingly high data impact function. By following suit, domestic manufacturers are also likely to gain much more than "selling TV"

at present, Konka has signed agreements with Shanghai radio and television and blockbuster to jointly build a content platform, whose resources cover more than 20 different sectors, such as film and television series, finance and economics, children's and NBA; Haier joined hands with Sohu and other Internet companies to launch video services; Samsung's Internet TV can browse the content of sina, Baidu, hummingbird and other stations, and also visit Samsung TV software application store samsungapp; The Google TV products launched by Sony have introduced world-famous media such as NBC global, HBO, NBA, Netflix, Time Warner, etc. In addition, a number of content providers, such as China network television, Shanghai media and broadcasting, and Hangzhou Huashu, who took the lead in obtaining internet TV licenses, have also been favored by TV manufacturers

Chen Gang, Deputy Secretary General of China Household Appliances Association, introduced to the economic information daily that Internet TV, as a mainstream three convergence terminal product, will gradually enter people's lives with the continuous progress of the three convergence process and the improvement of relevant laws and regulations, and it is possible to eliminate traditional TV step by step. At that time, all kinds of online content, including video, will become new growth points. Therefore, it can be predicted that the competition among manufacturers in this market will become increasingly fierce in the future

at present, domestic enterprises are all involved in the field of Internet TV. Some analysts believe that domestic enterprises now have obvious first mover advantages and can seize the first opportunity in the competition through collective layout and local advantages. According to the regulations of the State Administration of radio, film and television, to provide audition services through Internet connected television, you must obtain the license for information network transmission of audio-visual programs. At present, only a few content manufacturers such as blockbuster, Shanghai Wenguang, Chinanet TV and Hangzhou Huashu have obtained licenses, while foreign manufacturers such as Sony and Samsung have not cooperated with these content providers, and their Internet TV business model and standards are far away from the increasingly mature domestic industry standards, so they are still unable to enter the Chinese market in a short time

however, foreign manufacturers have begun to actively strive for, hoping to quickly overcome "policy barriers". Yoshioka Hao, vice president of Sony, said that he hoped to find a suitable partner in Internet TV and enter the Chinese market as soon as possible; Samsung revealed that it had contacted and communicated with the content broadcast control licensees. Economic Information Daily

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