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PTA morning review: crude oil, American cotton, both closed higher, PTA or more shocks

all Zheng's equipment can meet the needs of testing work, and the state PTA futures increased their positions on the 21st. The main 1109 contract closed at 10440 yuan/ton, up 104 yuan/ton. Crude oil rose sharply, PX fell slightly, spot prices were basically stable, and some fell in the downstream stability. Yesterday, Pt data discrete small a opened high and fluctuated, and the small positive line closed near the 5-day moving average. Downstream demand is still in general and domestic economic policies are short, so there is limited space to connect with the capacity reduction task in 2018. Technically, PTA's recent rebound can only be regarded as a rebound in the process of decline. Crude oil and cotton all closed higher overnight, and it is expected that PTA will remain cautious in the short term

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) closed higher for the third consecutive day on the 21st, as the dollar weakened and strong corporate performance enhanced market expectations for continued economic growth. The crude oil market will be closed for the holiday on the 22nd. NYMEX June crude oil futures rose 84 cents to $112.29 a barrel, or 0.8%, the highest closing price since April 8; June Brent crude oil futures on the ICE Futures Exchange Rose 14 cents to $123.99 a barrel, an increase of 0.1% after China's FMCG market rose in the past two years

ice raw sugar futures closed higher on the 21st, as crude oil futures prices rose and the dollar weakened. Asia PX fell $4 to $per ton FOB South Korea, Europe fell $13 to $per ton FOB Rotterdam, and the United States fell $25 to $per ton FOB Gulf of America

in terms of spot goods, the market atmosphere in East China has improved. The market quotation is around 10850 yuan/ton, and the transaction atmosphere has slightly changed. The actual negotiation intention is at the level of yuan/ton, and the market orders are mainly small and medium-sized orders. The PTA Market in Asia is relatively stable. The general offer of Taiwan made spot goods is still $1400/ton. There are many inquiries in the downstream of the actual negotiation, but the counter-offer price is low, and the price difference between buyers and sellers is slightly large, so there are few actual orders

in the downstream market, the polyester chip market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province remained weak and volatile. The partial production and sales of polyester in mainstream factories in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province rose slightly, most of them%, and some of them were low. Polyester continued the weak and volatile trend, and factories mainly shipped. The false high quotation of some direct spinning polyester short-term factories was slightly reduced, and the quotation of most factories was temporarily stable. The atmosphere of market inquiry is insufficient, and the transactions of manufacturers are mostly negotiated. At the end of the month, the contract settlement is coming, and the market still maintains a wait-and-see atmosphere

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