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Competition for touch panel intensifies. Oufeiguang and Laibao high tech are in favor of Taiwan.

with the increasing multimedia information query, the application of touch screen is becoming more and more common. As the latest computer input device, touch screen has many advantages, such as simple, convenient, natural, durable, fast response, space saving, easy communication and so on

as a result, the promising touch screen market has led manufacturers everywhere to plan a new pattern in the horse race circle, either expanding production capacity, mergers and acquisitions, or investing in new plants and introducing new production lines, sparing no effort to seize market share. Yushun electronics began to expand its production capacity, and its factories in Changsha, Shenzhen, Chibi and other places have been successively built. In the second half of the year, an ideal experimental machine required by the production, scientific research, teaching and other industries will continue to be put into production; Changxin technology's 5th generation line, 3rd generation line, 2nd.5th generation line, ITO conductive glass, thinning and other businesses have made great efforts in the near future, and all businesses have launched a full range of attacks; The Nanchang capacitor screen project with a total investment of 1billion yuan by oufeiguang is also expected to be put into operation this year; Anjie technology plans to acquire 75% equity of Kunshan Guangli Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and Kunshan xinguangtai Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. Not only that, enterprises around the industry, such as Jinlong electromechanical and geeya technology, are also involved in the touch industry, ready to show their strength and strive to get a piece of the hot touch screen market

a series of capacity expansion will inevitably lead to increased competition. Among them, the competition between the touch panel industry on both sides of the Strait is particularly fierce, while the big touch panel manufacturers in the mainland, oufeiguang and Laibao high tech, have chosen to set up subsidiaries in Taiwan. This will undoubtedly intensify the competitive trend of the industry

in August 2013, Laibao high tech announced that it planned to set up a branch in Taiwan to expand its touch panel related business

I. Laibao high tech plans to set up a Taiwan Branch

1. The necessity of setting up a Taiwan Branch

1) the need to improve marketing capabilities and new product research and development capabilities

the company's overall strategy extends from the original focus on the upstream material industry of flat panel display to the midstream panel and module industry, and the integrated capacitive touch screen (OGS) and other new products based on technology accumulation and development have been integrated with smart, tablet computers Well known brand manufacturers of complete machines such as ultrabook and aiopc or their corresponding OEM and ODM manufacturers have established business partnerships. The establishment of a Taiwan Branch will open the sea for the company's international exchange and development, which is not only conducive to improving the company's marketing ability, but also conducive to improving the company's R & D ability and accelerating the launch of new products, so as to promote the company's long-term sustainable development, which is of great importance, practical and urgent strategic significance

2) the need to improve the service level of international customers

in view of the international customers' requirements to provide timely, efficient and high-quality localized customer service for all links such as early-stage product planning, technical tensile strength, communication, new product project opening, after-sales service, etc, Many of the company's major customers in Taiwan have made "stitching" at the interlayer, and have clearly requested the company to set up a Taiwan Branch and send necessary personnel to meet their service needs

3) the need for strategic development of international customer resources

the company has gradually extended its module business from the upstream materials of the industrial chain to the midstream. The business model and marketing model have changed greatly, and the degree and requirements of internationalization are constantly improving. It is necessary for the company to use the establishment and operation of this Taiwan branch to accumulate some practical experience for further international technology exchange, competition and cooperation in the future, Build an international marketing team to meet the requirements of high-level customers and lay a good market resource foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the company's follow-up new touch display industry

generally speaking, the establishment of Taiwan Branch of the company has strategic importance and urgent needs

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