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Competition of leading products of soft plastic packaging materials

the main products of the soft plastic new material industry are biaxially oriented polypropylene (hereinafter referred to as BOPP), multilayer coextrusion polypropylene casting film (hereinafter referred to as CPP), biaxially oriented polyester film (hereinafter referred to as BOPE, such as Shimadzu, Japan, landemaker, Beijing and other companies T). Due to the rapid expansion of production capacity in recent years, the competition pattern of the industry tends to be fierce

(I) BOPP film

BOPP film is a transparent flexible packaging material, which has the advantages of moisture-proof, high mechanical strength, good thermal shrinkage stability, light weight, non-toxic, odorless, beautiful printing and decoration

from the perspective of demand, the demand for BOPP film in food, drugs, tape, calendars, etc. has increased year by year, while factory packaging such as light industrial clothing also needs BOPP film for packaging; With the requirements of extending the storage period of food, the demand for vacuum aluminized film packaging is also growing; In addition, some functional special films such as smoke film and high resistance diaphragm have also developed rapidly, which have stimulated the demand for BOPP. Recently, BOPP film has increased at a rate of more than 10%. At the same time, with the deepening of BOPP film research and development, new products continue to emerge, and some places that could only use BOPET film are gradually replaced by BOPP, such as the gold wire in cigarette packaging

domestic BOPP film has been growing rapidly since the late 1980s, and the growth rate has slowed down in recent years. The current production capacity is about 400000 tons. At present, the market demand is about 300000 tons, and the market scale is about 3-4 billion yuan

among the listed companies, fosu Co., Ltd., Baoshuo Co., Ltd., Guofeng Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Nanjing Zhongda and other companies have strong strength, with production capacity of 40000 tons, 20000 tons, 20000 tons and 27500 tons respectively. In terms of total output, fosu shares are obviously in the leading position. In the field of cigarette film in which Nanjing Zhongda is located, because BOPP film of several manufacturers such as fosu Co., Ltd. is mainly used in food, clothing and other packaging fields, Nanjing Zhongda's main competitors are non listed companies, such as Guangdong Zhanjiang packaging materials company (the production capacity of cigarette film is 10000 tons, which was designated as the designated enterprise of cigarette supporting auxiliary material base of China tobacco materials company in 1993, and is one of the first three designated enterprises of cigarette film in the country), At present, Yunling and other enterprises in Yunnan have weaker comprehensive competitive strength in terms of technology, quality and product types. The technology and equipment of Zhanjiang packaging are at the same level as those of Nanjing Zhongda, but the scale is smaller and the technological development strength is weaker. The vast majority of BOPP production capacity of Nanjing Zhongda is smoke film. The company originally had a 15000 ton production line, plus the 25000 ton production line of Jiangyin Shenpeng (51% equity), a holding subsidiary recently acquired, which further consolidated its leading position in the field of smoke film

(II) BOPET film

BOPET has the advantages of good flatness, excellent sealing, high temperature resistance, strong tensile resistance, good transparency and gloss. At the same time, under the condition of maintaining the same barrier performance, it is a packaging material with excellent comprehensive performance, with less consumption, easy recycling, and no toxic gas emission during combustion. However, its heat sealing performance is not as good as that of three-layer co extruded BOPP heat sealing film. In addition, due to high technical requirements and high cost, it has not been widely used as BOPP

the largest demand market for BOPET is food packaging, accounting for about 50% of the total consumption. Next, 10% are used for electrical insulation, 8% for photosensitive materials, 10% for decoration industry, and 2% for electronic industry. The market demand is about 130000 ~ 150000 tons, and the market scale is about 1billion yuan

at present, the production capacity of BOPET in China is about 100000 tons, and the output is about 80000 tons. The scale of domestic manufacturers is generally small, with less than 30 having an annual output of more than 1000 tons. China has introduced many BOPET production lines since 1995. The largest manufacturer is Foshan DuPont Hongji company (a joint venture between fosu and DuPont), with a production capacity of 22000 tons/year. With the 10000 tons/year production line of DuPont Hongji Ningbo branch put into operation in June 2001, its total capacity reached more than 30000 tons, far ahead in the BOPET field. In addition, Shandong xinlike Plastic Group has a production line of 20000 tons, Shanghai Zidong chemical and plastic company and Ningbo Wuzhou company have a production line of 10000 tons respectively, in contrast, Nanjing Zhongda "Guoliang copper high conductivity corrosion-resistant copper alloy functional new material has just been mass produced in August. The scale of the production line is small, but it also has its own advantages, that is, the specification conversion of the production line is relatively fast, and the loss is small, so it can shorten the delivery time of some products with special specifications. According to the actual situation, the company has formulated its own production and marketing strategy, which is very suitable for the small batch demand of customers for products with special specifications.

(3) CPP film

cpp has the characteristics of high transparency, good stiffness, low heat sealing temperature, heat resistance, moisture resistance, good barrier, good printing and compounding, cooking resistance, etc. Compared with biaxially oriented polypropylene film, CPP film has the advantages of simple processing equipment and low cost, so it has a certain position in the field of packaging

at present, the main market of CPP film is cooking packaging and composite packaging, and the domestic demand is more than 100000 tons. Since the 1990s, China has introduced several CPP production lines from Germany and other countries, with an annual production capacity of more than 100000 tons. However, since the production capacity of most of the imported production lines in China is less than 6000 tons, it is difficult to form economies of scale on such a small scale. At present, the total market size of CPP is about 1billion yuan

at present, Nanjing Zhongda has an annual CPP output of 6500 tons. At present, the domestic production capacity of this product is relatively scattered, and there is no obvious leading manufacturer

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