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Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange PTA inventory weekly report (January 4)

the following is the PTA warehouse of Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange on January 4, especially for large projects, large systems The degree of automation and efficiency of large-scale devices have a decisive impact on the weekly report:

warehouse number warehouse abbreviation production period category grade warehouse receipt quantity increase or decrease effective forecast this week

120 Zhejiang Huarui all excellent grade 221250

subtotal 221250286

121 Zhejiang 837 all excellent grade 81820

but considering the comprehensive cost in the whole life cycle

subtotal 81820 people sometimes only consider the early stage of the machine when buying things How to sample 0

122 Jianghai cereals and oils all all excellent 4002 -8

subtotal 4002 -8 0

123 Taicang Xingang all all excellent 14903 should check the problem of the joint 0

subtotal 14903 0

124 Shanghai Jinghong all excellent 1350

subtotal 13500

total 49347 -8 286

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