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Fierce competition in the supply chain, Taiwan touch screen manufacturers announced bankruptcy

as China's smart market began to decline and the global growth rate slowed down, the market competition became increasingly fierce, but what many people did not know was that there was also fierce price competition in the upstream supply chain

according to the latest news from Taiwan media, a touch screen manufacturer recently announced bankruptcy

according to Taiwan's electronic times, Taiwan's touch screen manufacturer interface optoelectronics company (jtouch) officially announced bankruptcy and will lay off employees in the next few days

one of the reasons for the bankruptcy of this company is the fierce price competition from mainland touch screen suppliers

before the company, in 2015, another Taiwanese touch screen manufacturer Wintek also announced bankruptcy. Water absorption and permeability are such a pair of contradictions

the intelligent screen is composed of two parts to adapt to the application of the foam granulator in the new era, including the display screen and the touch screen, and the sliding control is completed by the touch screen

however, the electronic times station also pointed out that after being eliminated in the fierce market, the remaining touch screen manufacturers are getting better. For example, the gross profit margin of Yanghua optoelectronics company in the third quarter of this year reached 13.47%. In addition, due to the increase in cell reaction orders from apple to meet the expectations, the profits of two touch screen manufacturers, CHENHONG technology and Yecheng group, also increased significantly this year

the supply chain of global intelligence is mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea and China. There are also a large number of upstream suppliers in the history of Taiwan, China, China. However, in recent years, there are also more and more suppliers in the mainland. Price competition has led to the decline of suppliers' gross profit margin and the increasingly difficult living environment. When replying to the investor, Yi chengxinneng executives said frankly

according to the data, the leading touch screen manufacturers in the mainland include oufeiguang, Shenzhen Yushun Electronics Co., Ltd., Wuhu Changxin Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Huadong Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc

according to the data, the Chinese smart market has been declining for seven or eight months, and the decline rate is approaching 10%. Recently, the head of 360 company business also predicted that the decline rate of the Chinese market this year may reach 15%

it is obvious that as the market begins to shrink or the growth rate declines, it is bound to affect the development space of upstream suppliers, and there may be more news of bankruptcy and bankruptcy in the future

source: Tencent Technology

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