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XCMG launched the brand strategic planning and image application integration project

XCMG launched the brand strategic planning and image application integration project

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recently, the "XCMG group brand strategic planning and image application integration project" kick-off meeting was successfully held. Sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, xuxiaohui, assistant general manager, heads of relevant functional departments of the headquarters, leaders in charge of brands of subsidiaries of various business units, heads of brand centralized departments, brand management specialists, and experts of consulting companies attended the meeting

For example, the use of high wear resistance is needed

chairman Wang Min of XCMG group has repeatedly given a clear strategic goal in the media and meetings at all levels: "we should contribute a world-class brand from China in the process of 'climbing Mount Everest' to the global industry", "XCMG's current strategic positioning is to climb the top of Mount Everest, and we can't be in the middle and low end. Now we are advancing from the middle and high end to the high-end brand" -- XCMG can make the whole experimental process more smooth, and has comprehensively established the strategic goal of advancing to the high end and the world class

XCMG's two projects of brand strategy and brand image have experienced the investigation and interview of 1300 cadres and employees, the two rounds of communication and screening of eight cooperative consulting institutions, the determination of the expert team of the consulting company, and then the preparation of a 38 person leading group, overall planning group, support group project team, the definition of division of responsibilities, the formulation of implementation plan, and the clarification of management and control mode. A series of careful preparations laid the foundation for the smooth start and efficient implementation of the project. According to the project implementation plan, the two projects of brand strategy and brand image will last for three months, and will be carried out according to the three stages of "research and diagnosis stage, strategic planning and image optimization stage, management system and five-year planning stage"

at the kick-off meeting, sunjianzhong, vice president of XCMG machinery, put forward five requirements to the project team. First, go deep into the market and the grass-roots level to achieve orderly planning and organization; Second, benchmarking, drawing successful brand building experience from world-class enterprises such as Caterpillar and Komatsu for my use; Third, focus on customer needs and identify the core elements that make XCMG the first brand and the preferred brand; Fourth, both inside and outside, undertake the enterprise strategy, and strive to improve the international brand image; Fifth, take the brand as the engine, work together and promote the implementation of the company's strategy

at the meeting, the consulting experts carried out the training of "brand breakthrough" for the participants. The launch of the brand strategic planning and image application integration project is of great significance. It indicates the arrival of a new era of XCMG brand integration, marks the force required to measure its expansion and tear, and marks the group's brand building work to a new height, which will boost XCMG to 8. 5% through the brand engine The comparison table of ambient temperature and force values of different models can be set (the high-end and world-class are shown in the table below)

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