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Xiejin Feng: establish and improve the packaging and processing chain of Dictyophora as soon as possible

recently, Xiejin Feng, Secretary of the Rongchang County Party committee, went to Wuma village, fenggao street to support the development of the local Dictyophora industry. Xiejin Feng pointed out that fenggao street should establish and improve the packaging and processing industrial chain of bamboo fungus products as soon as possible, extend the economic chain of hemp and bamboo planting, and increase the income of bamboo farmers

what is the yield of one mu? What is the economic value? In the forest land of chendejiang, a villager in Wuma village, fenggao street, Xie Jinfeng learned about the growth of bamboo fungus in detail. Xie Jinfeng said that the planting of bamboo fungus under the forest is a concrete manifestation of lengthening the industrial chain of hemp bamboo planting. It not only makes use of the space under the forest, but also increases the income for bamboo farmers. It is a model of economic development under the forest that conforms to the situation of Rongchang County

Xie Jinfeng pointed out that the development of bamboo fungus industry in fenggao street should strengthen experiments and demonstrations, pay attention to technical training, and formulate specific industrial development plans on the basis of in-depth research; We should study the edible and medicinal value of Dictyophora as soon as possible, work hard on the outer packaging, and prolong the sales time; We should strengthen publicity, follow the path of government guided development, processing promoted development, cooperatives driven development, and farmers' independent development, step by step, and steadily promote the healthy development of the county's undergrowth economy

this year, Rongchang County promoted the cultivation of bamboo fungus under the hemp bamboo forest in fenggao street and Lukong Town, with a total area of 500 mu. Among them, only fenggao street 1 has developed 400 mu according to the actual needs of the measured sample size. At present, the bamboo fungus planted under the 500 mu forest in the county has all entered the harvest period

according to reports, 1 mu of forest land can harvest fresh Dictyophora by interplanting Dictyophora under the hemp bamboo forest. 3 the stiffness and strength are easy to adjust by 50 kg, and 70 kg of dry Dictyophora. Based on 400 yuan per kg of dry Dictyophora, the income per mu can be 28000 yuan, and the bamboo farmers can obtain a net profit of about 15000 yuan, and the picking period will continue until October this year. Rongchang County has 150000 mu of hemp bamboo forest, which provides a broad space for interplanting bamboo fungus under the forest

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