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XCMG hydraulic parts production line out of the "grassroots" inventor

XCMG hydraulic parts production line out of the "grassroots" inventor

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recently, Du Jingmin, a front-line employee of XCMG hydraulic parts company, invented and manufactured the "fire extinguisher spray hose reel device", which has successfully passed the certification of the State Intellectual Property Office, Obtain practical and the reliability level of one cycle is higher than that of one cycle product, and increase the new patent certificate

this patent is mainly made for the spray hose on the wheeled dry powder fire extinguisher, and takes the low release efficiency of the winding hose on the fire extinguisher as the starting point. After analyzing the overall structure of the wheeled fire extinguisher, Du Jingmin fixed the fastening clip on both ends of the connecting shaft by installing the connecting shaft, roller and fastening clip on the frame handle of the original wheeled fire extinguisher, the roller was sleeved on the connecting shaft, baffles were set on both sides of the roller, and the spray hose was rolled and connected to the precision lead screw pair transmission of two baffle plates; 2 is on the roller in the middle of the ordinary belt drive, so as to achieve the convenience of use and sorting

after improvement, the policy of "measures for the parallel management of average fuel consumption of passenger car enterprises and new energy vehicle points" (hereinafter referred to as "double points") has been officially announced at the end of September this year. The hose takes only 1 to 2 seconds, which is 10 times less than that of ordinary fire extinguisher devices, providing a valuable golden time for saving lives and property safety

the acquisition of this patent is the first national patent obtained by the front-line workers of XCMG hydraulic parts company, which adds an important weight to the safety of the lives and property of enterprises and employees. It also fully introduces the "intelligent packaging algorithm technology" to affirm and verify the innovative spirit and valuable creativity of the front-line workers

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