Top priority of the hottest product manager

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The primary task of the product manager

summarize the prepared data from the market and competitors

· market and competitor observation

· product analysis and product comparison

· market and competitor analysis

· customer problems and customer use analysis

· product development trend

· the market and competitor database of this product Beicheng plant is Bayer's largest production base in the United States

· system For the analysis of products, developers should provide as much detailed product information as possible

Product Innovation

at present, in addition, the idea of looking for new products

· successfully manage product needs

· find new markets and applications

· establish a database for the application field of products to manage

· write how should we identify the different configurations of hydraulic universal testing machines and protection and maintenance? Write product requirements specification

· affect the strategic decision of the enterprise

· cannot work together with R & D

product marketing management, product upgrading, support sales

· new product marketing management

· new product pricing

· price list, average sales price, and the lowest sales price of large projects,

· sales discounts in different regions

· writing of product customer purchase reasons

· assisting in the following work (such as samples, product manuals, pages, exhibitions, product videos, product CDs, media articles)

· support to expand sales

· market planning

product chain and product maintenance

· product chain and classification maintenance

· product and variable maintenance

· decision making of special structure and function

· delete some bad products

· product elimination and upgrading

· production cost monitoring

product strategy and monitoring

· product strategy

· monitor sales (at least together with the salesperson), profitability, and market share development

· re invest in research and development of new products

general task

· strong technical support for sales

· second tier of sales technical support

· help decision-making

· solve problems for products (end)

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