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XCMG: everything is for customer satisfaction

Guide: at the critical moment of XCMG's technological transformation and innovation, transformation and upgrading, XCMG technology takes customer satisfaction as the only goal of the service system and actively implements management innovation. In the first half of the year, XCMG technology's customer service satisfaction increased to 93%, the timely service rate stabilized at 87%, and the 100 kilometer service network increased to 81%

at the critical moment of XCMG technology's "reform, innovation, transformation and upgrading", XCMG technology takes "customer satisfaction" as the only goal of the service system and actively implements management innovation. In the first half of the year, XCMG technology's customer service satisfaction increased to 93%, the timely service rate stabilized at 87%, and the 100 kilometer service network increased to 81%, ensuring the strong support of service to the market

aiming at customer satisfaction and keeping up with the first-class in the industry

in view of the implementation of new service management and business processes this year, and the insufficient management and technical support of some special maintenance stations, XCMG technology actively pursued the "going out" strategy, visited special maintenance stations in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Hunan and other places, and fully communicated with the general manager of special maintenance stations on service concepts, policies, service system layout and construction, Implement the problems found one by one. The positive visit drives all employees of the service system to think in one place and strive to make "starting from customers and aligning with the market" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. During the exchange and visit, XCMG technology actively studied the management mode of the first-class service unit in the same industry, deeply analyzed its own shortcomings, and timely found and solved problems

Xinjiang 4S store opens

implement service compensation and promote resource allocation

year figure 2: human factors of plastic product failure at the beginning, XCMG technology publicly promised the service compensation system to users. For those who cannot solve users' problems on time, compensation will be implemented according to the products and the delayed time, so that users can monitor the service effect. At present, XCMG technology has announced its service commitments to users on every sales service point, and publicized them through a variety of information carriers, focusing on promoting resource allocation, meeting customers' needs, and going all out to create value for customers

in the next step, XCMG technology will give full play to the potential of the service system and special maintenance stations through the implementation of the compensation system, vigorously promote the optimal allocation of service system resources, and continuously improve service satisfaction, service timeliness, spare parts satisfaction rate and active service rate through resource improvement

train operators and equipment management talents for users

deepen the service network and carry out nanny services

according to the plan, XCMG technology will organize and complete the construction of 30 maintenance service centers this year, realize the upgrading and acceptance of 50 service points, adjust the hardware standards of maintenance stations at different levels, and resolutely downgrade the maintenance stations that fail to meet the standards. While requiring dealers to invest in the market, they should actively carry out the guidance of market construction and policy guidance. At the beginning of the year, 100 special service vehicles were put into the market in the form of rewards and determined by the amount of strain energy stored (and then released) in the impact process of the sample (measured by the rebound height of the small hammer), and the maintenance service personnel were stationed in the special maintenance station. While paying attention to the hardware investment of the maintenance station, the weak points of each special maintenance station are found out through data analysis, and written requirements are made for improvement one by one. At the same time, XCMG technology further focuses on the service of complete sets of equipment, which can promote the development of production, processing, transportation, interconnection and other industries. It plans to establish complete sets of equipment service points across the country to carry out nanny services, and use information means to establish a unified information adjustment command center in the service department, so as to fully meet the needs of road construction equipment users

XCMG loaders serve Africa

increase training investment, and adopt the "three-level impact measurement accuracy, two-sided special" training mode for the training of service personnel. Establish a three-level training system in the service system, that is, the centralized training organized by the service department, the socialized training attended by service personnel, and the internal training of special maintenance stations, and comprehensively promote the three-level training system aimed at improving the skills of service personnel. At the same time, carry out the publicity and implementation of service concept and the training of communication ability, and improve the ability of service personnel in maintenance and communication. With the introduction of high-tech and high value-added products such as large tonnage loaders and second series rollers to the market, XCMG technology will cultivate a group of high-end service talents with corresponding skills to meet the needs of the market

plateau construction has been praised by users

set up a call center, implement process management

XCMG technology has changed the management mode of post supervision of service information, and increased the investment in service process control. In the second half of the year, the service department plans to take 400 as the carrier, establish a call center, and implement the binding management of all XCMG technology service information. By subdividing the service process, the call center can control each important node in the maintenance service to ensure that the problems can be transferred and handled in time, so as to realize the service process management

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