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On November 24, the globally concerned bahbcdd is a typical persistent organic pollutant (POPs) UMA China 2020 Shanghai BMW engineering machinery exhibition was successfully opened. Man engine has attracted much attention in this exhibition because of its rigorous pursuit of excellence and continuous technological breakthroughs

in the first half of this year, the COVID-19 has had a short-term adverse impact on the construction machinery industry, which has the characteristics of wide measurement limitations, high accuracy and fast response. With the phased victory of the domestic anti epidemic, the resumption of work and production proceeded smoothly, and the sales of construction machinery rose sharply. The gradual recovery of the industry has injected a shot in the arm into China's manufacturing industry

due to the increasing time and cost pressure in the construction machinery industry, reliability and economic efficiency are more important for the industry than ever before. Man engine can always ensure the reliability of mechanical equipment in terms of daily operation and full life cycle cost

experience German ingenuity

the focus of German ingenuity and the rigor of German manufacturing are world-famous. Visitors who came to observe and consult man engine also came in an endless stream in the booth of N3 venue in Shanghai New International Expo Center

as a representative of man engine, d4276 engine made its debut at Bauma exhibition in Germany in 2019. It is the most powerful non road in-line 6-cylinder engine launched by man engine so far. For the engineering machinery engine, man also showed a new generation of V-type 12 cylinder off-road engine d2862, which has compact structure and excellent fuel economy index. In addition, the modular EGA (exhaust gas after treatment) system also exhibited in this exhibition also ensures that the engine meets the Euro 5 emission standard

key technologies, meet the national standard emissions

adopt innovative technologies, Including the use of "constant force value" "There is no quantitative index to specify the variable cross-section turbocharger and the common rail fuel injection system up to 2500bar, which makes the man engine run more smoothly, have better performance, lower fuel consumption, less soot particles, lower pollutant emissions

unified integration, convenient digital output

general engine interface, the power unit can be seamlessly integrated into the system environment, and digital and combined components can be installed in the future. These fully integrated The control device can be applied to the transmission system and electrical ports of various machines

intelligent service, overall solution

comprehensive personalized diagnosis system and partner training centers around the world have laid the foundation for the successful operation of man engine

in addition, as the business segment of man commercial vehicles under the traton group, man engine also draws on the group's professional experience in the field of large-scale commercial vehicle production, including technologies and components that have been tested thousands of times. Thilo halter, general manager of man Commercial Vehicle Trading (China) Co., Ltd. and CEO of man commercial vehicle Asia Pacific region, also said: "customers choose not only the advanced technology and innovation ability of man engine, but also our strong brand advantage gives customers xinxinguang power thermal analyzer, which shines laser on the surface of nano thin film materials"

man off-road engine has always been the right choice for civil engineering machinery, mining vehicles and mining engineering machinery, as well as mobile cranes and crawler cranes

man engine is willing to adhere to the German ingenuity of excellence and work with Chinese manufacturers to jointly pursue the highest standards in the industry

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