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XCMG launched the new ability of IOT intelligent building service

XCMG launched the new ability of IOT intelligent building service

2015 - after the specified retention time, China Construction machinery information

in September 2015, XCMG will launch a waterproof, dust-proof, fall proof IOT intelligent and its app application software, that is, a platform with high water vapor dispersion resistance. With the help of IOT intelligence, this model can practice and enrich the new applications and capabilities of XCMG IOT, and build it. It can also cooperate with the automatic packer to use XCMG's zero distance customer "caring" service, create an intelligent service community for construction machinery, and realize the intelligent management of equipment in the palm

with the deepening of the industrial application of "Internet + construction machinery", with the help of mobile Internet technology, the realization of intelligent mobile application and management has gradually become the new mainstream and focus of IOT applications. It can integrate fragmented time, experience virtual products and sites, support the access to equipment location information, alarm information, fault information, service information, etc. at any time and anywhere, provide portable and effective management means, and improve marketing Improve the efficiency and quality of after-sales service, improve the refinement level of on-site construction, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen XCMG's brand reputation

in order to make customers better accept and experience the service commitment of "XCMG XCMG, help you succeed", combined with the real environment of the construction machinery construction site, XCMG adheres to the industrial concept of accumulation and thin development, and has been actively exploring the use of intelligence to serve the majority of users. After research and development, design, test and improvement in recent years, the engineering machine based on IOT has been opened up. The company's injection molding machine business is better than the overall market performance in China. The full system and integrated interconnection of mechanical equipment, service vehicles, service centers and apps will be launched in September 2015. IOT intelligence and its app application software platform with waterproof, dustproof and fall prevention will be specially launched. It can provide product introduction, function demonstration, virtual on-site experience, order management and other functional support for marketing, provide after-sales service with functional support such as equipment transfer, fault prompt, service order dispatch, process tracking, on-site verification, and provide end users with functional support such as product manual, equipment management, construction management, operation statistics, safety assurance, fault alarm, maintenance, residual value evaluation, e-commerce and so on

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