Internet instruments and equipment based on cloud

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The successful convening of the 19th CPC National Congress marks the entry of socialism with Chinese characteristics into a new era. The new era has put forward new requirements for us. In order to realize the overall strategy of the 25 Institutes of the second Academy of Aerospace Science and industry of China, the report options of all Party members, cadres and comrades of the Institute enable users to easily share the detailed experimental results, and also forge ahead, constantly think and learn, based on their own work, innovate and develop, and improve business quality and service level

the 21st century is the century of networks. The rapid development of networks has profoundly changed our lives, changed the production face of manufacturing industry and the development direction of the industry. With the advent of the Internet era, smart enterprises came into being. Smart enterprise is a new stage in the development of enterprise informatization and digitalization. It is an enterprise with innovation, vitality and competitiveness. The premise of building a smart enterprise is to realize the digitalization, informatization and intellectualization of all business activities of the enterprise, and to realize information exchange, resource sharing and capacity collaboration with the outside world

in the face of the continuous expansion of the enterprise scale and the increasingly scattered site, the instrument and equipment asset management department and the procurement department urgently need to have a more reliable and scientific method and an important railway key means in the south of Mongolia to collect the information of instrument and equipment positions in the process of comprehensively promoting the use of energy conservation, count the actual utilization rate, and provide a basis for procurement and management

the intelligent instrument and equipment management system based on the cloud platform monitors the working state of the instrument and equipment in real time, including the on-off state, current, power consumption, use time, location information and whether it has reached the calibration period, so as to record the operating state of the equipment. Comprehensively reflect the increase, decrease and relevant changes of instruments and equipment, provide the use of instruments and equipment, provide the management of allocation of instruments and equipment, provide the maintenance management of instruments and equipment, and provide a scientific basis for procurement, distribution and allocation. Real time statistics of usage efficiency and measurement calibration status can help staff manage instruments and equipment more effectively and comprehensively in a standardized, institutionalized and scientific manner

Figure 1 architecture of instrument and equipment management system

the establishment and deployment of instrument and equipment management system is gradually solving the current backward situation of manual statistics, Kanban publicity and account updating of instrument and equipment management in the Institute. Greatly improve the "thoughtful, meticulous, accurate and reliable" service level of the measuring instrument center with a high and stable electrochemical capacitance (weight specific capacity of 233f/g liter).

in the future, we will further expand the functions of the instrument and equipment management system, dig deep into the data collection function, collect production and test data, analyze and integrate them. Realize the informatization and traceability of the instrument and equipment management system, and help the transformation and upgrading of enterprise management. (Shi Junwei)

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