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Interpretation of the "12th Five Year Plan" series of national energy science and Technology (oil refining and chemical industry)

human beings have entered the oil and gas era from the firewood era, and are moving towards green, diversified and low-carbon development, benefiting from the development of refining and Chemical Technology

for a long time, China's energy consumption structure is dominated by coal, and the external dependence of crude oil has reached 56%. How to use unlimited scientific and technological power to solve the limited energy and resource constraints, especially through the development of refining and chemical technology to achieve the clean transformation and efficient utilization of Limited oil and gas resources, has become the key to the scientific development of China's energy industry during the 12th Five Year Plan

as China's first energy science and technology development plan, energy division 1 The 12th Five Year Plan accurately grasps the progress trend of international refining and chemical technology, further defines the development direction of China's refining industry and technology, and proposes to develop refining technology for processing heavy and low-quality crude oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the field of processing and transformation, and develop new gas processing and separation technology and new materials such as efficient natural gas adsorption and hydrogen storage

make efficient use of limited resources

he Shengbao, deputy director of the science and Technology Management Department of CNPC, analyzed that the development of the global oil refining industry was seriously constrained by the pressure of the global economic slowdown, the rising price of crude oil, and the increasing requirements for cleaner products and energy conservation and emission reduction in the production process

in response to the increasingly severe situation, international refining and chemical technology has developed rapidly. He Shengbao believes that the oil refining process will be more efficient, clean and productive of high value-added products, and the oil refining and chemical products will be more clean, environmental friendly and functional. The refining technology of efficient conversion and processing of heavy and low-quality crude oil and reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be vigorously developed

"efficient and clean oil conversion" is listed as one of the four major projects of application technology and engineering demonstration in the key technology field of energy science and technology "processing and conversion technology". Heshengbao believes that this fully reflects the characteristics of China's resources, product demand and industrial structure, and reflects the future development direction of China's oil refining industry. As the main body of refining and chemical scientific and technological progress, PetroChina, Sinopec and other enterprises will accelerate the pace of technological progress and achieve the planning goals during the 12th Five Year Plan period

Hu Qianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the China Federation of petroleum and chemical industries and director of the Ministry of science and technology, said that the petrochemical industry and the energy sector are intertwined. The release of the energy science and technology plan will help guide the petrochemical industry to develop energy technologies, and play a positive role in realizing the diversification of industrial raw materials, optimizing the energy structure and improving energy efficiency

how to break the bottleneck of refining and chemical development

at present, China has 22 ten million ton refineries, and the processing capacity of the oil refining industry has ranked second in the world. After years of development, the adjustment of industrial layout close to the market and consumption centers has gradually become more reasonable, and the concentration of petrochemical industries in the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta has further increased. However, affected by factors such as high crude oil prices, continuous deterioration of crude oil quality, and increasing oil quality requirements, refining and chemical enterprises still face great challenges

how to break the bottleneck of refining and chemical development? He Shengbao believes that from the perspective of strategic development, technology is the key to the success or failure of enterprises. We should focus on developing the production technology of refined oil featured products such as clean gasoline and diesel oil and high-end lubricants; Low cost chemical raw materials, high value-added synthetic resins, high-performance synthetic rubber and other carbon-1 chemical technologies, as well as common technologies for safety, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. In addition, the production fine management technology led by optimization technology should play a greater role in upgrading traditional industries

heshengbao believes that refining and chemical enterprises should focus on improving efficiency, continue to consolidate existing advantageous technologies, focus on breaking through major key technology bottlenecks that restrict the efficient utilization of crude oil processing, advance the layout of cutting-edge technologies, and support and lead the sustainable development of downstream businesses. At the same time, we should formulate policies to actively encourage the use of our own technology and equipment, and actively apply the world's advanced technology to promote the continuous improvement of the technological efficiency level of enterprises

how to produce more results and transform them as soon as possible

refining and chemical industry is a high investment, continuous improvement and technology intensive industry. For example, the production of clean gasoline and diesel products involves almost most of the units in refineries. How to produce more results and transform them into applications as soon as possible? He Shengbao believes that we should strengthen top-level design, highlight "one whole and two levels", continue to strengthen major scientific and technological projects, realize technology tangibility, and effectively transform scientific and technological achievements according to the global regional market

he Shengbao introduced that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, PetroChina set up major scientific and technological projects such as large-scale ethylene, chemical fertilizer, refining catalyst, heavy oil, refining and chemical energy optimization, and concentrated the advantageous forces inside and outside the system to make all-out efforts to tackle key problems, so as to make breakthroughs in key technologies, form complete sets of technologies, and fundamentally change the situation of insufficient business support capacity of refining and chemical technology

this: 021 (6) (4) 410 in addition, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, PetroChina targeted key areas, built key laboratories for heavy oil processing, clean fuels, synthetic resins, crude oil evaluation, etc., which are open at home and abroad, and built pilot bases for key technologies such as catalytic cracking, hydrogenation, polyethylene, etc., with the overall equipment level reaching world-class, laying a solid foundation for independent innovation

many scientific and technological achievements are the result of continuous research. Heshengbao believes that we should give full play to the overall advantages of industry, University, research and application, give full play to the theoretical and technological advantages of universities and scientific research institutions, and give full play to the advantages of enterprises in the fields of Engineering scale-up, industrial testing, capital and talents, so as to quickly convert scientific research achievements into productivity. At the same time, we should broaden our horizons, make full use of global resources, and jointly carry out cooperative research on key technologies that hinder the development of the industry

catch the strategic emerging industry express

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's petrochemical industry will promote the structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of traditional industries through scientific and technological innovation, cultivate strategic emerging industries such as new chemical materials, high-end specialty chemicals, new energy, biochemistry and energy conservation and environmental protection industries, cultivate a number of new industry growth points, and comprehensively enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry

can petrochemical enterprises take the express train of strategic emerging industries? He Shengbao believes that strategic emerging industries involve a variety of high-end products of chemical industry, and the participation of many refining and chemical enterprises is not very high. In fact, petroleum based raw materials are the source of many high-end products. As a traditional industry, refining and chemical industry should be given more attention to meet the strategic needs of national development and cultivate new benefit growth points of refining and chemical enterprises

he Shengbao suggested that we should pay attention to strengthening the centralized and efficient utilization of oil by-product resources such as carbon 4 and carbon 5, encourage the development and application of advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, and pay attention to the development and application of refining and chemical integration technology. In addition, the development of high-performance chemicals and catalytic materials, and the development of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research and development, may bring revolutionary progress to the traditional stone oil and chemical industry affected by the friction force of oil cylinders, and promote refining and chemical enterprises to better perform the task of maximizing the contribution to the national economy

Lishousheng, executive vice president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, said that in the scientific and technological revolution and industrial development led by new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and in the optimization and adjustment of the world industrial structure, petrochemicals must seize the commanding height of scientific and technological innovation in order to achieve greater leaps and developments

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