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Call center enterprises' interpretation and countermeasure analysis of the network security law

hundreds of millions of users of network interconnection, countries and individuals are increasingly concerned about personal privacy and information security. In the past decade, disasters caused by information leakage have emerged one after another, and the trust crisis in the Internet industry has arrived

in this regard, the state has recently issued the network safety law of the people's Republic of China and supporting laws and regulations. The deformation of relevant monitoring materials has completely disappeared, and the rectification action is in full swing. In terms of station security, user content security and user privacy protection, units that fail to fulfill their management obligations will also be punished. So, what information needs to be paid attention to for enterprises that set up call centers

buying and selling personal information is an infringement, and selling 50 articles can be criminalized

policy interpretation

1. Definition of personal information

in May 2017, the two supreme courts further clarified that citizens' personal information refers to both the categories that can identify the identity attributes of natural persons and reflect the activities of natural persons

2. Punishment measures

enterprise risk: illegal collection + provision of personal data information of obligees

for call center enterprises, illegal collection and polyurethane: Transformers in materials selling customer information is definitely a disaster area of information security. For this reason, this system has high accuracy and professional convenience. Front line service personnel such as seats have a great probability of contacting the privacy information of batch customers, and the quality of employees is uneven. With the strictness of regulatory policies, customer information disclosure is more likely to bring judicial risks to enterprises, in addition to causing economic and brand reputation losses to enterprises. Enterprises must put an end to the possibility of contact with customer information from the technical level

coping strategy: Ping An contact cloud number shield + double record

[number shield] any party who needs to communicate cannot know the real identity/number of the other party, and completely meets the needs of normal calls through virtual numbers, just like a protective shield to protect the privacy of enterprise customers

Ping An contact cloud independently developed number shield products. By transforming the servo controller, which is an important link in the universal experimental tensile machine, the existing call center architecture ensures that the customer number will not be transmitted to the data center in any form, and that servers such as seats cannot contact the real information of customers

[double recording] through on-site camera video and recording, computer screen recording and operation log capture are carried out synchronously, and the whole process of business processing is recorded and restored in an all-round way

as early as 2016, shangfulin, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, said that banks should fully promote double entry. The policy quickly spread to the entire financial industry. Ping An contact cloud Shuanglu wer system solution. Through on-site camera video and recording, computer screen recording and operation log capture can be carried out synchronously, and the whole process of business processing can be recorded and restored in an all-round way to help financial transaction compliance

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