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New opportunities in the new era, interpret the innovative technology password of Kunlun lubrication

new opportunities in the new era, interpret the innovative technology password of Kunlun lubrication

China Construction machinery information

-- an interview with Mr. Fu Xisheng, chief scientist of Kunlun lubrication

today's industry market is full of changes, and in the midst of changes, there are more opportunities. Facing the new era and new opportunities, what is the technology development trend of China's lubricant industry? What about the future of innovation driven development of industry enterprises? Recently, the China Lubrication Technology Forum (2018) and the 18th annual meeting of the automotive fuels and lubricants branch of the society of Automotive Engineers of China were successfully held in Suzhou. Industry experts have different opinions and share unique opinions, which inject new vitality into the development of industry technology in the new era because we are also constantly strengthening the competitiveness of this base. During the forum, Mr. Fu Xisheng, the chief scientist of PetroChina lubricant company, received an exclusive interview with China Lubricant information to deeply decode the R & D history of Kunlun lubrication and the development trend of lubricant technology in the new era

Mr. Fu Xisheng, chief scientist of PetroChina lubricant company

experts gathered at the "pure technology" event to ignite the industry's attention

China Lubricant information: the China Lubricant Technology Forum hosted by Kunlun lubricant has brought a lot of inspiration to the industry in terms of technology for many years. What deep impact do you think this forum has on the current development of China's lubricant industry

CEO Fu: the China lubrication technology forum hosted by Kunlun lubrication is a "pure technology" forum, with rapid deformation and constant stress, involving the frontier and hot fields of the development of lubricant technology. It is a wind vane for the development of China's lubricant industry, represents the direction of the development of China's lubricant industry technology, and deserves the attention and participation of insiders in the lubricant field at home and abroad

this forum is jointly organized with the China Society of automotive engineering, which fully reflects Kunlun lubrication's close attention to China's automotive industry. Cars can't live without lubricants, and Kun has made arrangements for several key tasks to be carried out in the near future. According to the development and needs of China's automotive industry, Lun lubrication will upgrade its lubricant products and always lead China's lubricant market. This technical forum has gathered top experts and scholars related to lubrication at home and abroad, covering all major fields related to lubrication. It is a major technological event in China's lubricant industry. I hope it will be better and better under the support of everyone for using positive pressure fresh air to improve environmental conditions

won three science and technology awards in four years and walked forward in the tide of the times

China Lubricant information: as the first tier of the development of China's lubrication industry, what are the leading advantages of Kunlun lubrication in product and technology research and development

CEO Fu: Kunlun lubrication research and development has a development history of 60 years. It has always adhered to the research and development and industrial application of lubricating oil and additive technology with independent intellectual property rights, and mastered the key core of lubricating oil. We can provide customized high-end lubricating oil products according to customers' individual needs, and update them in time according to market needs. Based on this, Kunlun lubrication R & D and its partners have established a joint laboratory to jointly formulate product standards, jointly develop new products, and jointly promote product upgrading and market promotion and application

the products developed by Kunlun lubrication are unique: transformer oil is the only special oil supply for the world's highest voltage power transmission projects, gearbox lubricant has been successfully applied to the world's most high-end high-speed railway "Fuxing", and long-life diesel engine oil leads China's commercial vehicle oil market

China Lubricant information: at present, Kunlun lubrication is in the leading position in the industry by relying on independent research and development. What are the independent research and development processes? What awards and honors have you won

CEO V: with 60 years of independent research and development, Kunlun lubrication has won all the national scientific and technological progress and technological invention awards in the lubricant industry. With the power of independent innovation, Kunlun lubrication has become the supporting oil for high-end projects such as aircraft carriers, nuclear power, the highest voltage transmission project, Antarctic scientific research, high-speed rail, wind power generation, industrial robots, new energy vehicles, etc., making "made in China" a voice in the world again and again

it is proud that Kunlun lubrication won the National Award three times in four years, creating its own "industry only": in 2009, "gear oil extreme pressure and anti-wear additives, compound agent preparation technology and industrial application" won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award. The technology is applied to the automobile, steel, wind power industry and military equipment, making the market share of high-end gear oil reach 30%; In 2011, "development and application of naphthenic lubricating oil series products" won the first prize of national technological progress. The technology was applied to Daya Bay nuclear power station and national key projects 1000kV and ± 800kV UHV transmission and transformation lines, making the market share of high-end transformer oil reach 80%; In 2012, the "high-end series internal combustion engine oil compound technology" won the second prize of the national technological progress award. It was applied to OEM customers such as Dongfeng, FAW, Shangchai, Suzuki and Futian. It is the designated oil for the 60th anniversary of the National Day parade! These achievements have filled the gap of the National Invention Award in China's lubricant industry and reached the international leading level

China Lubricating Oil Information: we all know that Kunlun lubricating long-life diesel engine oil and long-life vehicle gear oil are favored by the industry and consumers. What technical problems have these two products overcome? What are the technical advantages

CEO V: not only has he broken through two major technical problems: core additives and compounding technology, but also on this basis, he has established a perfect big data platform, customized new lubricating oil products for high-end customers, and realized the "product + service" R & D mode

in the research and development of long-life diesel engine oil products, it has the advantages of core additive salicylate, 60 years of research and development experience, 17 invention patents, proprietary synthetic application technology and so on. It has four technical features of high temperature, cleanliness, wear resistance and durability, so as to realize the function of zero carbon deposition and self repair of the engine, and finally achieve the effect of long life

won the National Technological Invention Award in the research and development of long-life vehicle gear oil products. From the single agent - compound agent - gear oil - industrial application, a complete set of independent technology has been formed, and a comprehensive lubrication protection mechanism has been found and put forward. Especially the lubrication protection under the four harsh working conditions of startup, ultra-high speed, ultra-high load and braking. It can realize 500000 kilometers without oil change, and has the same service life as the transmission system

new breakthroughs in new technologies from a strategic height talk about trends

China lubricants information: the theme of this forum is "new era, new opportunities". What new opportunities do you think there are in terms of the current general environment for the development of China's lubricants industry? What other innovations and breakthroughs should be expected in the future of lubricating oil technology

CEO V: ten key areas of made in China 2025: new generation information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships, advanced rail transit equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, power equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, new materials, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices. These areas have high technology content, high added value and core competitiveness. It can be predicted that these fields are also in urgent need of new lubricants and additives with key core technologies, providing unprecedented new opportunities and challenges for the development of the lubricant industry

this is also the advantage of Kunlun lubrication, which helps "made in China 2025" and "made in China" go global together. In the future, Kunlun lubrication R & D team will make breakthroughs in the three hot application fields of ionic liquids, graphene and nano additives. With the strength and courage of national brands, it will continue to contribute to the development of "made in China" and continue to write a new legend of made in China

Ms. Zhu Wenxuan, deputy general manager of China Lubricant information, took a group photo with Mr. Fu Xisheng, chief scientist of PetroChina lubricant company

Industry Review

in the 60 year history, as the "big man" of the first tier of the "National brand", PetroChina lubricant company has experienced the ups and downs of the industry, how many times it has pioneered, how many times it has acted according to the times, always adhere to its own pace and philosophy, and maintain rational development, In the new era and new opportunities, it maintains the stamina and strength of sustainable development, and injects a steady stream of positive energy into the "national key"

looking back on Kunlun lubrication along the way is more like looking back on the development history of our industry. In China's lubricant industry, we can feel the global opportunities in the future, and we can also feel the huge and sustainable development space of the local market driven by a series of policies such as "made in China 2025". China's economy has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality growth. China's economic aggregate has been expanding, and China has become the mainstay of world economic development. This is undoubtedly a new historical opportunity for the lubricant industry as an economic barometer

everyone's understanding of the development of the industry in the new era is very different. Some people see Xiaohe only show his sharp corners, and others find that there are already tomorrow's flowers everywhere. From the development history of Chinese lubricant brands led by "Kunlun lubrication", innovation has always been the driving force for the development of the industry. As conveyed by this technology event, standing at a new starting point in history, China's lubricant industry should integrate into this trend with the attitude of high-quality development, relying on innovative and independent R & D technology

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